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After Organic Poultry Farming, M.S. Dhoni All Set to Start Organic Fruit Farming!

M.S. Dhoni is all set to start with organic fruit farming from his Ranchi farmhouse.

Chintu Das
M.S. Dhoni

After leaving his cricket career behind, now M.S. Dhoni is all about organic farming. He started last month by ordering 2000 black Kadaknath chickens to start with his organic poultry farming.

Now, Mr. Dhoni is all set to start with his second venture and further extend his organic farming initiative. This time he is going to start the business from his Ranchi farmhouse. The farmhouse is located only 20 minutes drive through from his home.

MS Dhoni's farmhouse is portrayed by two things fundamentally: An immense open field and the presence of everything that the previous Indian Captain loves. It was a purposeful venture that took a couple of years to build. The vast majority of it is shrouded in landscaped yards and various types of trees, something Dhoni truly adores. You can spot traces of Dhoni's adoration for nature even in the insides of his home: From indoor plants to wooden and marble flooring.

In this new venture that includes farming organic fruits, M.S. Dhoni is managing all of it starting from farming the organic fruits to the supply chain management. He is looking after all of it. The range of fruits cultivated in his yards includes several fruits such as strawberry and mango among many others. 

Dhoni wants to capture the market through a competitive pricing strategy. By putting out lesser or competitive pricing for his products, he wants to bat on this particular pitch for a long time.

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