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Agriculture Commissioner P K Singh Reports Paddy Sowing Gaining Momentum in Some Regions

As the monsoon progresses and spreads its reach across the nation, farmers are optimistic about a favorable agricultural season that will contribute to food security and the well-being of the farming community.

Shivam Dwivedi
Agriculture Commissioner P K Singh Reports Paddy Sowing Gaining Momentum in Some Regions (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Agriculture Commissioner P K Singh Reports Paddy Sowing Gaining Momentum in Some Regions (Photo Source: Pixabay)

As the monsoon rains continue to make their presence felt across various regions of the country, the sowing of paddy, the primary kharif crop, has commenced and is gaining momentum, according to Agriculture Commissioner P.K. Singh.

He reported that paddy sowing has begun on a positive note in areas that have received rainfall, and the pace of planting is expected to accelerate as the monsoon progresses in different parts of India. Singh further mentioned that in certain regions, farmers have already begun preparing nurseries to facilitate the growth of paddy plants.

Nurseries play a crucial role in the cultivation of paddy. Initially, paddy seeds are sown in these nurseries and nurtured until they develop into young plants. Subsequently, the plants are carefully uprooted and transplanted into the main fields.

According to recent data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the total area under paddy cultivation stands at 5.32 lakh hectares, which is 14.66 percent lower than the 6.23 lakh hectares recorded during the same period last year.

Regarding pulses, another important Kharif crop, the Agriculture Commissioner explained that their cultivation primarily takes place in rainfed areas and will witness an uptick in sowing as the monsoon progresses. Data reveals that pulses have been sown across 1.80 lakh hectares during the current Kharif season, as compared to 4.22 lakh hectares in the corresponding period last year.

Similarly, the cultivation of oilseeds has seen a slight decline, with the area sown until the last week reported at 4.11 lakh hectares. However, there has been an increase in the cultivation of coarse cereals, with an area of 12.43 lakh hectares being covered until June 16.

Paddy holds a significant position as the primary kharif crop, with approximately 80 percent of India's total rice production occurring during this season. The onset of the southwest monsoon traditionally marks the beginning of paddy sowing.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a normal southwest monsoon for this year. Although the monsoon's arrival experienced an initial delay, it has now advanced to various regions of the country. However, there has been a rainfall deficit during the period of June 8-14 in all parts of the country except for the eastern and northeastern regions, as indicated by IMD data.

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