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Agro Food Processing Conclave 2022: U’khand to Implement Logistics Policy to Encourage Industrial Development

Uttarakhand government has included industrialists' suggestions in its industrial policy for its industrial growth, as per Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Shivam Dwivedi
There are numerous opportunities for horticulture, organic farming, and the cultivation of medicinal & aromatic plants in Uttarakhand
There are numerous opportunities for horticulture, organic farming, and the cultivation of medicinal & aromatic plants in Uttarakhand

Dhami stated that the logistics policy should be initiated in the state while discussing the possibilities of investment in the state with industrialists from the country and abroad related to agriculture, horticulture, and food processing at the Agro Food Processing Conclave 2022 at the Chief Minister's residence.

He further stated that the government is increasing investment in the state and providing better facilities to already established industries. "The land of Uttarakhand is the centre of culture & spirituality," said the Chief Minister. Uttarakhand has both natural beauty and more human resources than other states. Efforts are being made to provide all types of facilities to the state's industrial institutions. The state's air, rail, and road connectivity is rapidly expanding.

For this purpose, dialogues with representatives of industrial institutions have been established regularly." He stated that the important suggestions received for industrial development in the state have been incorporated into the state's industrial policy. This conclave has been dedicated to "Advantage Uttarakhand." According to Chief Minister Dhami, there are numerous opportunities for small-scale industries in Uttarakhand's rural areas.

In the state, there are numerous opportunities for horticulture, organic farming, and the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants. Today, the pharmaceutical, automobile, and food processing industries are doing well in the state. Recently, the state established an electronics manufacturing cluster, a pharmaceutical park, and an aroma park. Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi stated that agriculture contributes significantly to the country's development.

"Organic and natural farming is becoming more popular in Uttarakhand. A single window system is used in the state for various permissions related to industry development. GI to 11 crops being tagged. "Several efforts are being made to increase kiwi, apple, and coarse grain production," Agriculture Minister Ganesh Joshi said. Animal Husbandry Minister Saurabh Bahuguna stated that animal husbandry, milk, and related products are the most important source of income in the state's hilly areas. "In addition to the production of dairy products in the state, attention is paid to their marketing.

There are numerous opportunities in the state for milk and related products. There is no talent shortage in Uttarakhand; however, attention must be paid to highlighting these talents. "Industrial institutions can play a significant role in this," he explained. Dr. S.S. Sandhu, Chief Secretary, stated that efforts have been made to provide all possible facilities to industrial institutions to promote industrial development in the state.  If the investors require the services of a liaison officer in the state, they will be made available.

"Road connectivity in Uttarakhand is rapidly expanding. Infrastructure development is receiving special attention. Uttarakhand is the state with the highest level of industrial peace. The state offers numerous opportunities for industrial development. "Investors will benefit from investment in the state, and job opportunities for locals will increase," he said. According to Secretary R.K. Meenakshi Sundaram, the state has two mega food processing parks. Aroma Park has also been constructed in Kashipur. In the state, good work is being done in the production of Kiwi. There are numerous opportunities for developing herbal products and dairy in the state.

The state is divided into four agroclimatic zones. Uttarakhand was the first state in India to establish a food processing unit. The aromatic and medicinal sectors in the state have a lot of potential. He stated that the state Badri cow's milk, ghee, and other products should be promoted more. The branding of pulses with state medicinal properties will also need to be addressed.

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