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Amul's Latest Campaign Pays Tribute To The Collarwali Tigress: 'Supermom To 29 Cubs'

Collarwali, a well-known tigress from Madhya Pradesh's Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR), died on Saturday due to old age. She was 17 years old. She contributed significantly to the growth of the tiger population in Pench by giving birth to 29 cubs.

Ayushi Raina
Amul's Latest Campaign Pays Tribute To The Collarwali Tigress
Amul's Latest Campaign Pays Tribute To The Collarwali Tigress

The "Collarwali" tigress from Madhya Pradesh's Pench Tiger Reserve died of old age last weekend. The 17-year-old tigress gave birth to 29 cubs in eight litters over 11-year period (from 2008 to 2018) and created her own territory across the whole Pench border, setting a world record.

The specialists radio-collared her in 2008, and again in January 2010, when an official affixed a radio collar around the tigress' neck, which gave her the name "Collarwali."  

A documentary named Tiger: Spy in the Jungle was also filmed to show the extraordinary life of the Collarwali tigress. 

Amul Pays Tribute to Collarwali Tigress 

Amul's topical advertising paid tribute to Collarwali, the tigress who acquired the moniker of "Supermom" after giving birth to 29 cubs. She is also popular by the name "T15". Amul Topical posted an animated image of the Collarwali tigress along with her cubs in the forest. The picture also includes a text message that says, "She earned her stripes!" Tribute to Tigress, 'Super Mom' to 29 cubs..." the dairy company captioned the posts.

The post received hundreds of likes and several comments. Users paid tribute to the tigress by posting various emojis, with several dropping love emoticons. 

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Pays Tribute to Tigress Collarwali 

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister, also paid tribute to the tigress. Chouhan stated on Twitter, "Tribute to the 'Super Tigress Mom' Collarwali of @PenchMP, the pride of Madhya Pradesh and mother to 29 cubs, who played a crucial role in MP earning Tiger State status.  The forests of Madhya Pradesh will always reverberate with the roar of the cubs of the 'Queen' of Pench Tiger Reserve," Chouhan wrote in a tweet. 

The Madhya Pradesh Forest Department performed the Collarwali tigress's last rites on Sunday. Taking to the micro blogging site, the forest department shared pictures of Collarwali's last rites at the Pench Tiger Reserve. 

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