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Ashwini Kumar Choubey Urges Adoption of Environment-Friendly Lifestyle to Protect Earth from Natural Disasters

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change's Mission LiFE event in Buxar, Bihar, served as a platform to raise awareness, foster environmental consciousness, and promote the conservation of wetlands.

Shivam Dwivedi
Ashwini Kumar Choubey Urges Adoption of Environment-Friendly Lifestyles to Protect Earth from Natural Disasters (Photo Source: Ashwini Kumar Choubey Twitter)
Ashwini Kumar Choubey Urges Adoption of Environment-Friendly Lifestyles to Protect Earth from Natural Disasters (Photo Source: Ashwini Kumar Choubey Twitter)

The Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) recently hosted an event as part of the Save Wetlands campaign in Buxar, Bihar. The event, known as Mission LiFE, was held at Gokul Jalashay, Buxar, and was organized through the Ministry's Environmental Information, Awareness, Capacity Building and Livelihood Programme (EIACP) Centre at ADRI, Patna.

The event kicked off with the LiFEathon Run, followed by the inauguration of an exhibition on LiFE (Living in Harmony with Environment). Winners of the LiFEathon were felicitated in three different categories, namely 12 kilometers, 7 kilometers, and 5 kilometers for boys and girls. Esteemed guests, including Dr. Sujit Kumar Bajpayee, Joint Secretary, MoEFCC, Surendra Singh, Member Secretary State Wetland Authority (SWA), Chandrashekar Rao, Member Secretary Bihar SPCB, and Rajkumar M. and DFO Bhojpur, were also present on the occasion.

Over 550 boys and girls from various parts of Bihar registered for the LiFEathon Run, successfully concluding the unique event aimed at promoting environmental awareness and conservation efforts. The focus of the event was on Mission LiFE and wetlands. The LiFE exhibition also saw participation from EIACP centers located in Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Sikkim, Uttrakhand, and Delhi.

These centers displayed products developed as part of the Green Skill Development Programme (GSDP) initiated by the Ministry. Other organizations such as ZSI, BSPCB, BIS, Bihar JEEVIKA, and Bhojpur Forest Division also set up stalls at the exhibition. Choubey toured each stall, expressing appreciation for the participant's dedication to the Mission LiFE launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The exhibition showcased innovative solutions and eco-friendly products, including bamboo handicrafts and water bottles made from bamboo.

To captivate the audience's attention and raise awareness about the importance of wetlands and the urgent need to protect them, a captivating nukkad natak (street play) was performed during the event. During his speech, Choubey emphasized the significance of wetlands for various reasons, including cultural, historical, and social importance. He appealed to the participants to work unitedly to preserve these precious ecosystems. Reflecting on the increasing number of cyclones and recalling the Kedarnath tragedy that claimed many lives, including his own near and dear ones, on the same day ten years ago, he offered heartfelt condolences to the families affected by that unforgettable incident.

Choubey stressed the importance of balancing nature (Prakriti) and progress (Pragati), emphasizing that each individual's effort plays a crucial role in safeguarding the Earth from such calamities. He commended the youth of Buxar for their enthusiastic participation in the LiFEathon and dubbed them "Paryavaran Prahari" (environmental guardians). He also expressed his delight at the substantial participation of young girls in the LiFEathon event and expressed hope that these young participants would sensitize other residents of Buxar about the cause of Mission LiFE and wetland conservation.

Dr. Sujit Kumar Bajpayee, Joint Secretary, delivered the Keynote Address, highlighting the significance of wetlands, the NPCA scheme, and the Amrit Dharohar program. Dr. Bajpayee mentioned that Bihar has several wetlands with the potential to be designated as Ramsar sites, and he assured the Ministry's prompt consideration of proposals received from the state.

As part of the LiFE-based refreshment experience, participants were provided with organic and sustainable food options, showcasing the benefits of eco-friendly dietary choices, sustainable food options, and responsible consumption. The event concluded with Ashwini Kumar Choubey administering the LiFE pledge to all attendees, symbolizing their commitment to living in harmony with the environment.

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