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School Teacher Converts 10-Acre Field into Garden

Suresh Yadav, a school teacher from a village in Rajasthan district Karansar, converted his crop field of 10 acres into a garden during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Here's a look at his story in detail.

Aysha Anam
Farmer the Journalist, Suresh Yadav, shares his success story. Photo Courtesy: Suresh Yadav
Farmer the Journalist, Suresh Yadav, shares his success story. Photo Courtesy: Suresh Yadav

Nursery Garden Business plan for 10 acres of land, built by a single man, Suresh Yadav, who used to teach in a village of Jaipur district Karansar in Rajasthan. Everything was slow and steady in his life until he started the business of a nursery garden.

So, what struck a teacher to start a nursery garden business?

Certainly, the Covid-19 pandemic was a difficult phase for the world. However, it served differently to people across the world. For instance, nature was breathing unapologetically, while humans were propelled to get caged inside their houses.

While schools were shut during the coronavirus pandemic, students and teachers were left with a lot of time to themselves. Instead of wasting time doing nothing, Suresh explored the art of running a nursery garden and converting it into a successful business idea.

Initially, he started a small nursery of just 40000 plants. “Then I thought that why not plant saplings in the field?  I prepared the soil on 10 acres of land and started making pits in it.   There were 200 plants of Chakia Amla, along with guava, pomegranate, lemon, and gooseberry,” he said.

He himself prepared the manure and watered these plants. Taking a cue from his business plan, people who live in his neighborhood also started converting the fields into gardens.

“I did not produce for a year, and only paid attention to their growth, then in the second year I got about 5 kilograms of Thai apple berry bags which were burnt in winter.  With these failures, I learned a lot. Our amla plants are expected to be produced next year. Apart, from my brother Jitendra Kumar Yadav, no one supported me in this. I myself gave water to this garden in the evening after coming from school,” he said.

“I have made the fertilizer using water and now I am planning to start the cultivation of lemon, which will be done after the harvesting of millet. Earlier, I used to cultivate millets and cluster beans. Now, due to the lack of water, people in the village have either moved to cities or started gardening.  They were also not satisfied with traditional farming.

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