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BIS Introduces 31 New Indian Standards for Ayush Herbs & Products

By implementing such standards and encouraging collaboration at the international level, India is poised to strengthen its position in the field of Ayush and pave the way for the growth of this traditional system of medicine.

Shivam Dwivedi
BIS Introduces 31 New Indian Standards for Ayush Herbs & Products (Photo Courtesy: iStock)
BIS Introduces 31 New Indian Standards for Ayush Herbs & Products (Photo Courtesy: iStock)

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the national standard body of India, has taken a significant step towards promoting standardization in the field of Ayush. In a recent development, BIS has notified 31 Indian standards related to Ayush, encompassing 30 herbs and one product, the stainless steel neti pot.

These standards were officially published through a gazette notification. BIS has also established a dedicated department to focus on Ayush, further emphasizing its commitment to the sector.

The Ministry of Ayush has applauded this initiative by BIS and recognizes its potential to enhance international trade by ensuring the quality of Ayush products and services. This move is expected to instill confidence among manufacturers and provides substantial benefits to consumers, including reduced costs, improved performance, and enhanced safety measures.

The establishment of a separate department at BIS with a dedicated focus on Ayush adds another pillar to the organization's robust structure of standardization in India. This step not only strengthens the process of standardization but also aligns with the objectives of the Ministry of Ayush to ensure the quality of Ayush products and services at all levels.

BIS has also taken the lead in formulating International Standards by collaborating with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In line with the recommendations put forth by BIS, the ISO/TC-215 'Health Informatics' has created a Working Group (WG-10) specifically dedicated to 'Traditional Medicine.'

With the increasing globalization and utilization of traditional systems of medicine, the need for national and international standards for Ayush systems has become crucial. The Ministry of Ayush has been consistently working towards establishing a vibrant quality ecosystem to facilitate trade and ensure the availability of high-quality Ayush products and services both nationally and globally.

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