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CEF Group to Invest Rs 650 crore in UP for Biofuel Production

CEF Group, an energy solutions company, has signed an agreement with the government of Uttar Pradesh to establish multiple waste processing plants in various locations throughout the state to address waste mismanagement and increase bio-fuel production.

Shivam Dwivedi
Waste and land will be provided by various municipalities in Uttar Pradesh
Waste and land will be provided by various municipalities in Uttar Pradesh

Biofuels must be converted from their original form in order to be used as liquid or gaseous fuels. The most basic method is to ferment crops high in sugar (starch) or fat into ethanol, which can then be mixed directly with gasoline to power cars. 

According to the company, the group will invest Rs 650 crore in establishing the plants, which will employ approximately 240 people. CEF Group CEO Maninder Singh Nayyar stated, "Uttar Pradesh is the country's largest state, and we are capable of providing adequate waste management solutions. This agreement will benefit the entire state in a variety of ways."

According to the company, organic waste processing plants using captively grown Napier grass will also be used, providing farmers with stable earnings.

"In commercial farming, this is a direct replacement for chemical fertilizers. As a result, there will be more opportunities for sustainable and natural/organic farming on a larger scale. We'll be able to produce biofuels as well as organic manure, resulting in a more sustainable environment," Nayyar stated.

The organisation will convert municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste such as press mud from sugar mills, and other organic wastes into biofuels and related products. The projects will be developed in stages, with construction beginning by the end of 2023. The waste and land will be provided by various municipalities in Uttar Pradesh.

Simultaneously, the overall project setup, including offtake arrangements for Bio-CNG and organic manure or city compost, will be scientifically processed in the CEF waste processing plant.

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