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Cotton Candy Banned in This State Due to Cancer-Causing Element

The findings reveal shocking facts; check now

KJ Staff
Consuming cotton candy can be dangerous for your health; know why (Photo Source: pixabay_
Consuming cotton candy can be dangerous for your health; know why (Photo Source: pixabay_

Tamil Nadu has taken a decisive step in safeguarding public health by banning the sale of cotton candy following the discovery of a cancer-causing element within it. State Health Minister Ma Subramanian declared the prohibition on February 17, 2024, after a rigorous analysis conducted by the Food Analysis Laboratory.

The laboratory's findings unearthed the presence of Rhodamine-B in cotton candy and various other colored sweets, deeming them hazardous and substandard for consumption. In response, Minister Subramanian has noted the gravity of the situation, labeling any association with the manufacture, sale, serving, or packaging of Rhodamine B-laced products as a punishable offense warranting stringent action.

Furthermore, directives have been dispatched to food safety authorities to undertake thorough inspections and enforce strict measures against violators. The neighboring Union Territory of Puducherry has already enforced a similar ban on cotton candy, underscoring the significance of this issue beyond state borders.


Undoubtedly, the prohibition will have ramifications for the livelihoods of numerous cotton candy vendors and manufacturers across the state. However, the paramount concern remains the protection of public health, which necessitates such decisive regulatory actions.

As the state of Tamil Nadu takes this crucial step towards ensuring food safety, it underscores the importance of stringent regulatory measures and continuous vigilance in safeguarding public health interests.

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