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Firozabad Woman Prepares Cow Dung Rakhi Ahead of Raksha Bandhan

Firozabad is popularly known for its bangle production. Now, a woman from Firozabad is preparing rakhi using cow dung to boycott Chinese rakhis.

Vivek Singh
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Cow Dung Rakha Bandhan: A woman on social media is grabbing attention for crafting a rakhi made of cow dung in Firozabad. These rakhis may be an alternative to Chinese rakhis. Firozabad is renowned for its bangle production, with a majority of its families involved in crafting these ornaments. Positioned as a hub for India's glass-blowing sector, the city has a rich heritage of generations dedicating themselves to the art of glass manipulation and bangle creation, primarily catering to the female populace. 

Explaining the rationale, she mentioned that while cow dung has multiple applications, its focus has shifted to creating rakhis. This endeavour has provided employment to approximately 15 women. These rakhis are intended to provide protection from radiation. Crafting them involves the drying and powdering of cow dung, which serves as the primary material. The demand for these rakhis extends beyond Uttar Pradesh, reaching various states across the country. Furthermore, these rakhis are available at very affordable prices.

How Cow Dung Rakhi Is Prepared?

These rakhis are crafted using cow dung. Initially, the cow dung is dried and processed into powder. Subsequently, a mixture of additional components is blended with it to create a paste. The aesthetic appeal of these rakhis brings joy. When brothers wear these cow-dung-made rakhis on their wrists, they receive blessings from the sacred mother cow.

Cow Dung Rakhi: Orders Received From Different States Including Telangana, Hyderabad, Gujarat, etc.

Arihant Jain, a seller of Rakhi, mentioned that these rakhis are not only being dispatched to Uttar Pradesh but also to various other states across India, where they are receiving significant appreciation as per social media reports. These rakhis are being marketed in multiple states in South India, encompassing Telangana, Hyderabad, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. There is a growing desire for locally-made rakhis in different districts of Uttar Pradesh too. It's important to note that this Rakhi is entirely safe for use.

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