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MPUAT Organizes 2-Day Regional Research and Extension Advisory Committee Meeting of Kharif-2024 Phase IV-A

The Regional Research and Extension Advisory Committee meeting highlighted achievements and research efforts in agricultural technology, crop development, and innovations in organic farming.

Shivam Dwivedi
MPUAT Organizes 2-Day Regional Research and Extension Advisory Committee Meeting of Kharif-2024 Phase IV-A ()
MPUAT Organizes 2-Day Regional Research and Extension Advisory Committee Meeting of Kharif-2024 Phase IV-A ()

The meeting of the Regional Research and Extension Advisory Committee, Region IV-A, was held on 2nd May, 2024, under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor of Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, at the Auditorium of the Research Directorate, Udaipur. Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnatak, the Vice-Chancellor of Maharana Pratap Agriculture and Technology University, Udaipur, lauded the university's accomplishments in technological advancements over the past years.

Dr. Ajit announced that the university had secured 32 patents for various technologies and registered three breeds of goats and one breed of buffalo at the national level. Last year, the university celebrated 'Millet Year' and released a pictorial guide. Dr. Karnatak mentioned the development of opium-resistant varieties, maize PHM-6 variety, Asaliya, and peanut varieties during the previous year. He called upon all scientists to develop new varieties of all crops to benefit farmers more.

Dr. Karnatak highlighted the need to work on pest and disease management and water management to ensure sustainability in agriculture. He also highlighted the university's national recognition in organic/natural farming. He mentioned that the Director-General of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute has requested the university to prepare a blueprint for natural farming in collaboration with the Indian Agricultural Systems Research Institute. During his speech, he stressed the excellence center on artificial intelligence, digital engineering, and machine learning and invited all scientists to increase the university's revenue through various technologies.

Dr. Arvind Verma, Director of Research at Maharana Pratap Agriculture and Technology University, Udaipur, shared insights about the university's research efforts on various crops and highlighted information about the developed package of practices for organic farming. He mentioned that the university's Medicinal and Aromatic Plants project received first place for outstanding work last year. Dr. Verma stated in his address that the university developed four varieties of different crops last year.

Dr. Verma discussed the significant changes in the field of agricultural technologies, especially in seeds, machinery, and remote-operated technologies, after the Green Revolution. He mentioned that while the interval for technical transfer was more in the previous decade, now, due to increased farmer awareness, technical transfer is happening more rapidly.

Additionally, Dr. P.K. Singh, Dean of Engineering and Technology College, shed light on government-run initiatives during his address. He emphasized the need for water harvesting management. In his address, he emphasized sensor-based irrigation systems for water budgeting in Rajasthan reports and increasing water use efficiency in various crops.

Dr. Lokesh Gupta, Dean of Rajasthan Agricultural University, emphasized the necessity to enhance milk quality and productivity and discussed techniques to increase livestock productivity.

This meeting was attended by additional directors from the Agriculture Department, Bhilwara, Dr. Ram Avatar Sharma, Joint Director of Horticulture, Bhilwara, and Joint Director of Agriculture, Bhilwara, as well as officers and scientists from MPUAT, Chittorgarh, and other officials.

Dr. Ram Avatar Sharma, Additional Director of the Agriculture Department in Bhilwara, provided detailed information about the distribution of rainfall during the previous monsoon and the sowing of various crops along with their productivity. He presented the issues encountered in various crops during the Kharif season of 2023 and requested scientists to propose solutions for these challenges.

Regional Research Director Dr. Amit Trivedi welcomed all attendees and addressed the meeting by providing information about various ongoing projects at the university. He shed light on the agricultural sector's climatic conditions and new research technologies. Dr. Trivedi presented a report on resolving issues faced in various crops across the region.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Manoj Kumar Mahla, Director of Student Welfare; Dr. B.L. Baheti, Director of Residential and Instructions; Gopal Lal Kumawat, Joint Director of Agriculture in Bhilwara;  Mahesh Chejara, Joint Director of Horticulture in Bhilwara; Dinesh Kumar Jaga, Joint Director of Agriculture in Chittorgarh; K.S. Meghvanshi, Joint Director of Agriculture in Rajsamand; Director of the Research and Training Center in Chittorgarh; Dr. Shankar Singh Rathore, PD, ATMA, Bhilwara; Ramesh Ameta, Joint Director in Shahpura; Ravindra Verma, Joint Director of Horticulture; and Dr. Ravikant Sharma, Deputy Director of the Research Directorate in Udaipur.

During this meeting, presentations were made by various scientists and officers regarding the research and extensive work carried out during the previous Kharif season. Recommendations were also issued to encourage farmers to adopt these findings. At the end of the program, Assistant Director of the Research Directorate, Dr. Brij Gopal Chhipa, expressed gratitude to all participants.

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