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Cow Urine can Cure Cancer

Cow in India is known as Mata (Mother), because cow take cares of human beings just like mother. The milk is having so many nutrients.

Chander Mohan

Cow in India is known as Mata (Mother), because cow take cares of human beings just like mother. The milk is having so many nutrients. The Gobar is also useful and the urine is also used in medicines.

Recently, the Gujarat Scientist team  found out the usefulness of the cow urine as antidote to cancer. The Hindu Mythology and Wikipedia, the emphasis is also on the benefits of the cow urine with examples.

One of the most important reasons is that cows have been the backbones of Indian families and the Indian agricultural system ever since the dawn of human civilization. Without Cow the Indian agriculture in those days was as good as gone, and this was one of the prime reasons why Hindus being nature worshippers also worshipped Cow.

There was no industrial revolution, no artificial fertilizers, no chemical pesticides and insecticides. The entire Indian agriculture was based on the nature’s best fertilizer – Cow dung, and one of the nature’s best pesticide – Cow’s urine (along with the neem based solutions) were used extensively in the agriculture. Buttermilk again which is a derivative of Cow’s milk was used as an effective fungicide and weedicide.

Biotechnology scientists at Junagadh Agriculture University in Gujarat  have succeeded in their first attempt to kill Cancer cells using cow urine. They claim that cow urine can cure most types of common cancers such as those of mouth,  cervix, lungs, kidney, skin and breast.

The research team that included assistant professors Shraddha Bhatt and Rukamsinh Tomar and research fellow Kavita Joshi achieved the results after a year of experiments. “This research was very risky because we directly experimented on cancer cells procured in a bottle. We found the exact quantity of cow urine required to kill particular number of cancer cells in a day,” Bhatt said.

“The next step is to experiment it on a rat. Once this is successful, we will create oral pills for different type of cancers.”

“Chemotherapy kills healthy cells too while cow urine only kills infected cells,” Tomar said.

A 1975 study on mice found that Jersey cow urine causes death in high doses. A similar 1976 study on dogs showed that repeated administration of Jersey cow urine concoction as used in Nigerian folk medicine, resulted in  hypotension and tachypnea, and also death. A 2001 study found prions in detectable amounts in the urine of Jersey cows suffering from bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

In Ayurveda, Gomutra is claimed to be helpful in the treatment of leprosy, abdominal colic pain,  bloating, and cancer. A mixture of gomutra, Triphala, and cow milk is used for the treatment of anaemia. It is also used in the treatment of fever by mixing it with black papper , yoghurt, and ghee (ghrita). A mixture of gomutra,  neem bark, vasaka  bark,kurilo bark, kaner leaves is also used medicinally. A mixture of gomutra and dharuharidra is used for  epilepsy. A study from Mandsaur  has claimed that it may also benefit cancer patients.

According to the head of the Ayurvedic institute Dhanwanthari Vaidyasala of Thodupuzha , Satish Namboodiri, it is also used for peptic ulcer, certain type of cancer, liver ailments, and asthma.

In 2002, a US patentwas issued to a group of Indian scientists of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research  for an antibiotic and cow urine distillate mixture which was claimed to be serving as a  bioenhancer,  enhancing anti-microbial activity of antibiotic and antifungal agents.

In 2010, the Go-vigyan Anusandhan Kendra in Deolapar funded by Rashtriya Swayam sevak sangh  and the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute were granted a US patent for a gomutra-based drug which was claimed to prevent oxidative damage to DNA.

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