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Crop Insurance Worth Rs 438 cr Disbursed to 1.65 lakh Farmers in Haveri District”: says CM Bommai

The Karnataka Chief Minister inaugurated the UHT Milk Packing Unit and the Milk Sachet Packing Unit in Haveri district on Friday. "The disbursement of Rs 438 crore to 1.65 lakh farmers in the Haveri district is a record performance of the state government," CM Bommai said at the inauguration event.

Shivam Dwivedi
A plan has been devised to open goshalas in all districts to care for senile cows
A plan has been devised to open goshalas in all districts to care for senile cows

Bommai stated that 67 lakh farmers have received insurance coverage worth Rs 80 crore, as well as financial assistance for agriculture and allied activities.

"Several development projects are planned for the district, including irrigation of one lakh hectares of land from the Upper Thunga project, as well as lift irrigation projects for Byadgi, Hirekerur, Hangal, and Ranebennur," said the CM. A special board has been formed for the development of North Karnataka in order to carry out important projects in this region, he added.

"The government has decided to set up a livestock feeding unit in Haveri to provide quality feed to the cattle," the CM added. Farmers will have easier access to livestock feed as a result of this. Legislation has been introduced to put a stop to the indiscriminate slaughter of cattle." As a result, illegal cattle transportation to other states is prohibited, and those involved in this trade face penalties, according to CM.

A plan has been devised to open goshalas in all districts to care for senile cows. The 'Punya Koti scheme' has been implemented to allow for the adoption of a cow for Rs 11,000 per year. Already, Rs 43 crore has been raised through cow adoption. He added that in another week, Rs 30 crore will be released, with Rs 11,000 for each cow in different goshalas.

Speaking about dairy production in the state, Bommai stated that dairying profits farmers because milk is produced in two seasons. In 2018, peak season milk production was 84.43 lakh hectares, and it increased to 94.18 lakh litres this year. Milk production was 66 lakh litres in the summer of 2018, and it has since increased to 71.20 lakh litres, according to the CM.

Milk production was hampered by cattle disease, but it recovered later. The government has always supported milk producers. Speaking about the success of Nandini milk in the state, the CM stated that the associations and organisations have shown profit through milk sales. After Amul in Gujarat, the most successful venture has been Nandini in Karnataka.

The KMF not only processes milk but also prepares and sells 26 dairy products across the country. He added that the situation of milk producers' societies was once very bad due to the neglect of the governments at the time.

While societies were flourishing in South Karnataka, they were dying in North Karnataka. Then, Mother Dairy was persuaded to forgive these societies' Rs 100 crore loan. They've gotten better since then. Farmers are now paid within 15 to 20 days, according to the CM. ST Somashekar, Shivaram Hebbar, Prabhu Chavan, MLA Nehru Olekar, and others were also present.

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