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Cyclone Biparjoy Update: Gujarat Government Forms 184 Teams in 9 Divisions to Save Gir Lions

Gujarat government has formed 184 teams for 9 divisions to protect Asiatic lions and other animals from cyclone Biparjoy affect.

Vivek Singh
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Unsplash)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: Unsplash)

Due to cyclone Biparjoy, the Asiatic lions and other animals are at risk and the Gujarat government has taken all the possible measures to protect Gir lions and other animals. With a primary focus on preventing casualties, rescue teams were dispatched by the Gujarat government to strategic locations such as Gir Forest, Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary in Kutch, Mata's Madh, Barda, and Narayan Sarovar.

According to media reports, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) downgraded cyclone Biparjoy from a very severe cyclonic storm to a severe cyclonic storm as it hit Gujarat's coastal areas on Thursday night. This change in intensity was noted by the IMD.

To tackle the situation effectively, a total of 184 teams were formed across nine divisions of the Wildlife and Territorial Circle of Junagadh. These teams were entrusted with the responsibility of conducting rescue operations, responding swiftly, and clearing fallen trees to safeguard the endangered Asiatic lions. The nine divisions encompassed Gir West, Gir East, Porbandar, Surendranagar, Sasan, Bhavnagar, Morbi, Jamnagar, and Junagadh Forest.

Additionally, the Gujarat government established 58 control rooms to promptly receive emergency SOS messages related to wild animals in distress.

In an official statement, the state government emphasized the utilization of satellite technology to monitor the movements of lions during natural disasters. The forest department has developed an advanced lion movement monitoring system that employs radio collars attached to specific groups of lions. These collars enable the tracking of lion movements, which are then recorded in a monitoring cell via satellite link. Currently, the monitoring team is paying close attention to 40 lions residing in the Gir forest area and along the state's coastal zone.

Specialized teams were stationed at specific locations along seven rivers in the Gir forest to rescue both lions and human lives. Furthermore, residents in the Gir area were relocated to shelter homes to ensure their safety. To accommodate the affected population, a total of 46 safe shelters were established in Gir and 45 in Barda.

Nityanand Srivastav, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests and Chief Wildlife Warden of Gujarat expressed confidence in their preparedness to overcome the challenges posed by cyclone Biparjoy. He stated, "We have assembled diverse teams to effectively address these challenges."

The proactive measures and coordinated efforts of the Gujarat government exemplify their strong commitment to protecting the region's wildlife and ensuring the safety of both animals and residents in the face of the impact caused by cyclone Biparjoy.

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