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Tamil Nadu: Declining Water Levels in Mettur Dam Threatens Kuruvai Farmers' Crops in Delta

The water level at Mettur Dam has threatened Kuruvai farmers' crops in Tamil Nadu. Reports say that the farmers require 100 TMC but the current storage level in the dam in 46 TMC.

Vivek Singh
Mettur Dam (Photo Courtesy: Pexels)
Mettur Dam (Photo Courtesy: Pexels)

The Kuruvai farmers in Tamil Nadu are facing a potential crisis as the water level in the Mettur dam, which supplies water to the delta districts, has significantly dropped. These farmers rely solely on the water from the dam for their Kuruvai cultivation, which covers a large area of land.

While they were initially pleased when the water was released in time by the Chief Minister, they are now concerned about the low water table in the dam. Agriculture experts have stated that 100 TMC of water is necessary for successful 'Kuruvai' farming, but the current storage level in the dam is only 46 TMC. This means there is a shortage of 56 TMC of water, and the farmers are hoping that the monsoon arrives soon to help alleviate the situation.

Farmers in Tamil Nadu have highlighted the importance of the Karnataka government fulfilling their obligation to release the monthly allocation of water from the Mettur dam to Tamil Nadu. According to agricultural experts, Karnataka is bound by the agreement to provide 167 TMC of water to Tamil Nadu.

The media reports suggest that the Tamil Nadu government should raise this issue with their counterparts in Karnataka, as the Kuruvai farmers assert. They also emphasize that the Supreme Court has directed Karnataka to release 9.19 TMC of water for June and 31.24 TMC for July. However, Karnataka's failure to release the required water has caused significant hardships for the farmers in Tamil Nadu. 

State president of the Desiya Thennindiya Nadhigallnaippu Sangam, Ayyakannu, expressed that the water is the rightful entitlement of Tamil Nadu and cannot be delayed by the Karnataka government. He called upon the Tamil Nadu government to assert authority and pressure Karnataka to honor their commitment.

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