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Drone Usage in Agriculture: TNAU Develops Standard Operating Procedures

With the continued adoption of drones and the implementation of standardized operating procedures, farmers in Tamil Nadu can look forward to improved efficiency, productivity, and sustainability in their agricultural practices.

Shivam Dwivedi
TNAU Develops Standard Operating Procedures for Agricultural Drone Usage (Photo Source: Pixabay)
TNAU Develops Standard Operating Procedures for Agricultural Drone Usage (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has recently unveiled standardized protocols for the use of drones in agricultural operations, according to V. Geethalakshmi, Vice-Chancellor of the university. The announcement was made during the inauguration of the Agri Intex 2023 agriculture fair, which was organized by the Coimbatore District Small Industries Association at the Codissia Trade Fair Complex.

The implementation of drones in agriculture has become increasingly popular due to their versatility and efficiency. Drones have been utilized for various purposes, including the spraying of fertilizers on different crops. However, there was a crucial need for standardized procedures governing the usage of drones for specific crops and applications. Recognizing this, TNAU took the initiative to develop comprehensive operating procedures for drone deployment in agriculture.

Furthermore, TNAU has been actively involved in addressing the challenges faced by the farming sector. With over 60% of irrigation now employing micro-irrigation techniques such as sprinklers and drip systems, the university has developed water-soluble fertilizers specifically designed for use with these systems. TNAU operates three fertilizer production plants across the state, including facilities in Coimbatore and Madurai.

The farming sector faces significant hurdles, including climate change and the conversion of agricultural land into residential plots. V. Geethalakshmi emphasized the urgency of increasing agricultural production despite shrinking land resources. Finding innovative ways to boost productivity has become essential to meet the rising demands of a growing population.

The Agri Intex 2023 agriculture fair, which is taking place over four days, features an impressive display of products and services from 480 participants occupying 540 stalls. The exhibits cover a wide range of categories, and TNAU has also set up an integrated model farm to showcase effective farming practices. The model farm serves as a valuable resource for small landholders seeking to optimize their yields and maximize benefits.

This year's event specifically highlights the application of drones in agriculture. To facilitate knowledge exchange and business opportunities, the fair will host business meetings with delegations from South Korea and Israel. Additionally, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Coimbatore will organize a seminar called "Uzhave Thalai" on July 15, offering further insights into agricultural practices and advancements.

Codissia President V. Thirugnanam emphasized the rapid growth of the food processing industry in India. He also commended policies such as E-Nam, which have greatly enhanced the efficiency of the agricultural value chain, benefiting farmers across the country.

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