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‘Eclipse in New Delhi to begin from 4:29 PM Onwards’

The eclipse which will last for more than an hour will end around 5:42 PM. And to find out how to do away with its negative effects, read on.

Sonali Behera
Solar Eclipse in New Delhi
Solar Eclipse in New Delhi. Pic Credits - Telangana Today

The most prominent solar eclipse or the "Surya Grahan" of 2022 will begin from 4:29 p.m. to 5:42 p.m., lasting for more than an hour with maximum effect at 5:30 p.m. It will be seen in all parts of India except the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and some parts of northeast India. 

Major city-wise timings of partial solar eclipse: 

New Delhi: 04:29 pm to 05:42 pm

Mumbai: 04:49 pm to 06:09 pm

Hyderabad: 04:58 pm to 05:48 pm

Bengaluru: 05:12 pm to 05:56 pm

Chennai: 05:13 pm to 05:45 pm

Kolkata: 04:51 pm to 05:04 pm

Bhopal: 04:42 pm to 05:47 pm

Varanasi: 04:51 pm to 05:22 pm

Ujjain: 04:40 pm to 05:53 pm

Badrinath and Kedarnath to remain closed 

Due to the partial solar eclipse in 2022, the door of the well-known Hindu sites Shri Badrinath and Kedarnath has been closed for today. The temple committee has previously stated that the Evening Puja’s and rituals will be held following the conclusion of the solar eclipse. The Chief Administrative Officer of the Kedarnath- Badrinath Temple Committee made the declaration. Apart from these many other temples will be shut especially during the eclipse hours to repel its negative aura.

Tips to keep away the negative energies during the eclipse: 

In India, most people believe to avoid eating during this period and once the duration is over they believe to take bath with salt water in order to wear out all the negativity. Keeping sacred basil leaves (tulsi) near the idol of gods also is believed by some to avoid the negative radiations.

A certain section of the society also avoid going out during this period. Chanting of mantras may help you in getting some positivity and peace to inner mind. Sprinkling of ganga jal is also considered as an aid to clean the house. 

It is advised that no one sees the eclipse with their naked eyes for even a brief period of time. Directly focusing on the sun can cause serious damage to the retinas of the eyes due to the high radiation from the sun. If someone wishes to witness the eclipse, they can use eye protectants, welding goggles, a telescope, or a white board to project the image of the sun.

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