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EPFO: Here's How to Receive Rs 7200 as Monthly Pension After Retirement

Employees in both the public and private sectors are entitled for post-retirement benefits. When Parliament passed the Employee Provident Fund Act, it formed the Employee Provident Fund (EPF).

Binita Kumari
EPFO: Know How to Receive Rs 7200 as Monthly Pension After Retirement
EPFO: Know How to Receive Rs 7200 as Monthly Pension After Retirement

According to the law, the EFPO manages the money that the employer and employee pay to a permanent account, which is recognized by a Unique Account Number (UAN).

Employees can accurately calculate their savings by using an EPF calculator. Employees must contribute 12% of their basic monthly earnings and deferred compensation to the EPF by law. The employer is then obligated to make a similar contribution.

The money deposited in a permanent account by both the employee and the employer, chosen by a UAN or Unique Account Number, is supervised by the Employees Provident Fund Organization of India (or EFPO). With the help of an EPF calculator, you may precisely analyze your funds.

How to use the EPF calculator?

  • Enter your basic salary & age.

  • The employer's contribution (EPS+EPF), total interest earned, and total maturity sum will all be shown in the results

How does EPF calculator work?

Each month, the employee contributes 12% of their base income and Dearness Allowance to their EPF account. For example, if the employee contribution is 12% of Rs 60,000 (assuming no DA), the employee contribution will be Rs 7,200.

EPFO manages a contributory provident fund, a pension system, and an insurance scheme for workers in India's organized sector. In terms of clients and the volume of financial transactions handled, it is one of the world's largest organizations.

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