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Farmers Gear Up to Meet Onam Demand with Abundance of Safe-to-Eat Vegetables

The initiative undertaken by the Communist Party of India (Marxist) reflects their commitment to promoting sustainable and safe agricultural practices.

Shivam Dwivedi
Farmers Gear Up to Meet Onam Demand with Abundance of Safe-to-Eat Vegetables (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Farmers Gear Up to Meet Onam Demand with Abundance of Safe-to-Eat Vegetables (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Under the guidance of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), large-scale cultivation of safe-to-eat vegetables has commenced in the State in preparation for the upcoming festival of Onam. The State-level inauguration of this farming initiative took place on Thursday at Kanjikuzhy in Alappuzha, led by CPI(M) leader M. Swaraj, party Alappuzha district secretary R. Nazar, P.P. Chitharanjan, MLA, and other prominent figures. The event saw the planting of vegetable seedlings on a tract of land in close proximity to the Steel Industrials Kerala Limited.

The CPI(M) district committee, in a released statement, expressed their commitment to produce a wide range of vegetables, free from chemical pesticides, for the occasion of Onam. The party has encouraged its units, from the highest to the grassroots level, to actively participate in this vegetable farming campaign.

Cooperative institutions and local self-government bodies under the control of CPI(M) have already devised projects aimed at facilitating Onam-specific vegetable cultivation. Moreover, in addition to traditional farmers, a significant number of young individuals are expected to join the initiative.

Farmer groups will be formed to facilitate access to loans, enabling the cultivation of various vegetables on a large scale. Barren lands across the State will be identified and transformed into agricultural fields as part of the Samyojitha Krishi Campaign Committee's efforts.

CPI(M) leaders have also announced plans to establish organizing committees at the local and regional levels, which will oversee planting festivals in the coming days. Temporary vegetable stalls will be set up by the CPI(M) and party-controlled cooperatives from August 25 to 28, providing access to locally grown, chemical-free produce.

By encouraging the cultivation of vegetables without the use of harmful pesticides, CPI(M) aims to ensure the availability of healthy and nutritious produce for the people of the State during the festive season of Onam.

This endeavor also fosters the involvement of various stakeholders, including cooperative institutions, local governments, traditional farmers, and the younger generation, in building a vibrant and self-sufficient agricultural sector.

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