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DeHaat Showcases Commitment to Drive Sustainability for Indian Farmers at Bio AgTech World Congress

DeHaat aims to facilitate these cutting-edge products designed to improve soil health and fortify crops against the adverse effects of climate change.

KJ Staff
Kamlesh Sharma, Senior Vice President - Agri Input, DeHaat at Bio AgTech World Congress
Kamlesh Sharma, Senior Vice President - Agri Input, DeHaat at Bio AgTech World Congress

DeHaat, a leading Indian AgriTech organization, participated in an enlightening session at the BioAg Tech World Congress on April 23rd. Kamlesh Sharma, Senior Vice President - Agri Input, DeHaat, represented the organization and shared insights into DeHaat's vision, scale, and operational strategies aimed at enhancing the adoption of sustainable farming practices in Indian agriculture.

During the session, participants had the opportunity to learn about DeHaat's innovative approach towards agriculture retail and farmer-centric supply chain management, which supports sustainable farming practices. He also shed light on engaging with synergistic partners to co-create for the 140Mn+ Indian farmers and highlighting the ongoing associations with prominent Global BioAg companies. These associations aim to empower farmers with the right products & information to combat the changing climatic conditions and establish sustainable agricultural practices.

With a focus on the "Farmers First" principle, DeHaat is committed to empowering farmers with modern farming innovations and enhancing productivity. Currently, the platform boasts a staggering 2.2+ million active farmers, with over 14,000 micro-entrepreneurs operating across 11 states. Offering a wide range of input SKUs, including 32 different crops, DeHaat ensures accessibility and diversity for farmers nationwide. 

Kamlesh Sharma, Senior Vice President - Agri Input, DeHaat at Bio AgTech World Congress
Kamlesh Sharma, Senior Vice President - Agri Input, DeHaat at Bio AgTech World Congress

Moreover, DeHaat's farmer-centric supply chain perspective emphasizes the validation process of BioAg inputs, further supporting sustainable farming practices. By collaborating with over 2,000 agri-business institutions and prioritizing transparency, traceability, and sustainability, DeHaat continues to pave the way for a more resilient and eco-friendly agricultural ecosystem.

Speaking about the event, Amrendra Singh, Co-founder, DeHaat said, “We are thrilled to showcase DeHaat’s growth journey & our ongoing partnerships at the Bio AgTech World Congress. The collaborations with Global BioAg partners aim to empower our farmers to adapt to sustainable practices & adopt climate-resilient farming. As a ‘Farmers First’ organization, our mission remains to revolutionize the Indian agricultural ecosystem and deliver environment-friendly products to our farmers. We are committed to creating a sustainable future, empowering farmers with the latest advancements, improving resource efficiency, and truly making a difference in their lives”.

In addition, it's worth mentioning that the Media and Memory booth at the event was sponsored by Deehat, showcasing their dedication to supporting agricultural innovation and sustainability initiatives.

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