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4th BioAg World Congress 2023: Explore Bio Solutions for Agriculture in Rio de Janeiro!

The utilization of BioAg tools such as Biopesticides, Biostimulants, Biofertilizers, and ICM/IPM is essential for farmers worldwide. The European market has the highest demand, trailed by North America. Latin America is experiencing rapid growth, while Asia possesses significant untapped opportunities.

Shivam Dwivedi
4th BioAg World Congress 2023: Explore Bio Solutions for Agriculture in Rio de Janeiro! (Pic Credit- @BioAg World Congress Twitter Account)
4th BioAg World Congress 2023: Explore Bio Solutions for Agriculture in Rio de Janeiro! (Pic Credit- @BioAg World Congress Twitter Account)

The Global BioAg Congress, a premier event in the field of agriculture, is currently taking place from May 2-5, 2023 at the Conference Center, Windsor Barra, Windsor Oceanico & Windsor Tower, Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The Congress, produced "by the BioAg industry and for the BioAg industry," is bringing together key stakeholders and policy makers from around the world to overcome barriers that have traditionally stifled transformative change in the industry. With a focus on uniting continents and fostering face-to-face networking, the Global BioAg Congress is offering a platform for industry experts to grow distribution networks and share the latest technological advances within BioAg. The Congress is currently active and engaging, supporting the growth and advancement of the BioAg industry.

Attendees are looking forward to a range of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops led by renowned industry experts. The event is promising to be a valuable opportunity for professionals in the BioAg field to connect, learn, and collaborate towards the common goal of advancing the industry.

The 2023 BioAg World Congress (BAW Congress) is currently exploring the core theme that relates to four main BioAg segments, including biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilizers, and bionutritionals, through 10 distinct sessions. These sessions are delving into a range of fascinating industry developments, such as the impact of the food chain on biosolution adoption, soil health and water management, regulatory hurdles and prospects, go-to-market strategies, cutting-edge scientific innovations, investments in BioAg, and growth opportunities such as Precision Ag.

The 4th edition of BioAg World Congress is started with Roger Tripathi, CEO of BAW Congress, Roberto Rodrigues, Former Minister, Professor Emeritus of FGV & Brazilian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Alejandro de las Casas, CEO of Kimitec Group. In "Session 1: Why Agriculture Needs Bio-Agriculture?", Roberto Rodrigues discussed about the potential of the Brazil bio-inputs market.

Session Details:

  • Session 1: Why Agriculture Needs Bio-Agriculture? Connecting the Dots with Food Chain, Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture, Food Safety and Food Security, Reduction of Carbon Footprint/Carbon Credits

  • Session 2: Regulatory Streamlining and Harmonization in BioAg in View of Desired but Rapid Phasing Out of Certain Unsafe Chemicals but Lack of Regulatory Framework to Bring BioAg Inputs to the Market in a Timely Fashion

  • Session 3: Biostimulants Innovations in Relation to Nutrient Use Efficiency and Abiotic Stress Management

  • Session 4: Biopesticides with Optimal Efficacy in Relation/Combination to Traditional Pesticides as Integrated Solution in Crop Management for Food Safety and Food Security

  • Session 5: Now or Never! Soil and Seed Health, and Water Efficiency Management

  • Session 6: Digital and Data Platforms, Application Technology, Precision Ag/Ag Tech and Supporting Technologies Including Nano Technology

  • Session 7: BioAg Solutions Commercialization and Adaptability Challenges in Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Crop Management with Role of Farmers and Agronomists

  • Session 8: Investment Outlook, Trends, Challenges for Startups and Growing Businesses, B2B Pitch and Matchmaking, Guiding Investment with Investors Panel

  • Session 9: Sustainable Agriculture: Role of Women and Research Institutions, Women Leaders Round Table

  • Session 10: Leadership Challenges with BioAg Companies, Including CEO Roundtable and Wrap-Up with Guidance Statement for the Industry

BioAg Awards 2023:

This year, the BAW Congress will be presenting three distinct awards-

  • BioAg Sustainable Grower Award is presented to growers who have engaged in sustainable agriculture practices for a minimum of two years.

  • Lifetime Achiever Award from BioAg recognizes individuals who have made exceptional contributions to supporting sustainability in BioAg, and who are nominated by their peers. Following a thorough evaluation of their exceptional work, a winner will be chosen and honored at the conference.

  • BioAg Innovator Award recognizes outstanding commercial innovations by individuals or organizations who have developed inspiring breakthroughs. To select the best innovations, a scientific committee evaluates the submissions and chooses the top entries. Representatives from these top innovations are given a 10-minute presentation slot, and the winner is chosen by the Congress delegates through a mobile app.

Global BioAg Linkages (GBL) has created an all-in-one BioAg event that stands out in the crowded marketplace of similar events. By bringing together all stakeholders, GBL's annual BioAg event addresses both the opportunities and challenges in the field.

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