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From 1 October, Sweet Shops will have to Display Best Before Date; Check FSSAI Guidelines

FSSAI releases orders stating that all the sweet business companies and sellers have to mention or display their products Best before date starting from 1st of october, 2020. Manufacturing date is not that mandatory to display.

Prity Barman
Sweet shop in India
Sweet shop in India

From 1st of October 2020,Food Regulator, FSSAI said that no unpackaged sweets would be sold without its best before date mentioned.  

As festive season arrives, the amount of complaints registered against the low quality of sweets at various places across the nation made FSSAI take such a decision. 

According to FSSAI’s new rule all the sweet business people must display the best before date for every sweet which is kept on display and are normally sold on counters as unpackaged sweets or loose sweets.  

The food regulator has written a letter to the health minister stating that it would be mandatory for all the food business to follow the rule of displaying the Best before Date on the shelves of every unpackaged sweet. Further stating the FSSAI also cleared that it is not completely necessary to put up the manufacturing date. However, it would depend upon the business person whether or not to display the manufacturing date too.  

The FSSAI website has the entire sweets expiry dates mentioned therefore it would help the sweet business companies to look up for any particular information. The business people would however have the sole power to decide the sweets best before date, which should be set up according to the particular place environment condition and also the sweets characteristics. 

Lastly, it has also strictly asked all the business to follow the rules as the food commissioners would keep a check on it.  

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