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FSSAI Certifies Nearly 100 Prisons as Eat Right Campuses, Pioneering Food Safety Measures Behind Bars

The certification process witnessed the active involvement of several prominent jails, including the Tihar Jail in Delhi, Central Jail Gaya in Bihar etc.

Saurabh Shukla
FSSAI Certifies Nearly 100 Prisons as Eat Right Campuses
FSSAI Certifies Nearly 100 Prisons as Eat Right Campuses

To support the promotion of safe and healthy eating environments, nearly 100 correctional facilities across India have received the significant ‘Eat Right Campus’ certification from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This initiative, a part of FSSAI’s broader Eat Right India movement, aims to instill safe and sustainable food practices within diverse institutional settings, including prisons.

The certification process witnessed the active involvement of several prominent jails, including the Tihar Prison in Delhi, Central Jail Gaya in Bihar, Modern Central Jail in Punjab, and Central Jail Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, among others. Notably, Uttar Pradesh led the tally with the highest number of certified jails, closely followed by Punjab, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh.

By extending the Eat Right Campus certification to correctional facilities, FSSAI reaffirms its dedication to ensuring access to safe and nutritious food for all individuals, including inmates and prison staff. The certification process entails rigorous assessment and adherence to FSSAI's prescribed evaluation criteria, thereby, fostering a culture of responsibility toward food safety and nutrition within the prison system.

Participating jail campuses undergo comprehensive audits focusing on four key parameters: basic hygiene criteria, provision of healthy food, awareness building about local and seasonal food, and efforts towards sustainability. Following a self-assessment or third-party audit, facilitated by FSSAI empaneled agencies, identified gaps are addressed by the campus administration.

A crucial aspect of the certification process involves the training of Food Safety Supervisors and food handlers through FSSAI's Food Safety Training and Certification (FoSTaC) Programme. Designed to impart knowledge on good hygiene and manufacturing practices, this training equips staff with essential skills to maintain food safety standards.

With over 2,900 workplaces now recognized as Eat Right Campuses nationwide, the initiative continues to impact individuals across diverse institutional settings. As momentum gathers, FSSAI remains committed to collaborating with institutions from various sectors to foster a culture of well-being and ensure universal access to healthy and hygienic food.

About the Eat Right India Movement

Eat Right India movement, an initiative of the Government of India and FSSAI seeks to revolutionize the country’s food system, prioritizing safe, healthy, and sustainable food for all citizens. Aligned with the National Health Policy 2017, this movement emphasizes preventive and promotive healthcare, striving towards a healthier future for India.

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