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G20 Summit: Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur’s Jowar & Mushroom Meal For First Ladies, Check Recipe And Full Menu

G20 guests were treated to a special dinner hosted by President Droupadi Murmu at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. The celebrity chef Kunal Kapur prepared a menu featuring millet-based dishes for the spouses of the G20 leaders. He also added a vegetarian twist to a recipe from the world's oldest cookbook.

Vivek Singh
Chef Kunal Kapur’s Jowar & Mushroom Meal For First Ladies at G20 Summit (Photo Courtesy: chefkunal/Instagram)
Chef Kunal Kapur’s Jowar & Mushroom Meal For First Ladies at G20 Summit (Photo Courtesy: chefkunal/Instagram)

Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur crafted a complete meal using millets for the First Ladies participating in the G20 summit. He used Instagram to both showcase a photograph of the dish he prepared for the spouses of global leaders attending the summit and to share a video detailing his experiences at the event. On Instagram, Kunal Kapur addressed inquiries about the meal he served to the First Ladies, explaining that it featured a range of millet-based dishes, with a particular standout being the 'Jowar & Mushroom Khichda.' He accompanied this description with several images.

The chef discussed the traditional dish called Khitchda or Khitchra, which is a slow-cooked meat dish with broken wheat and spices, with origins dating back to the 10th century. He also explained that the term "Khitchadi" may have come from "Khitchra." Furthermore, the chef shared his innovative vegetarian twist on the dish by using various types of mushrooms, maintaining the original dish's texture and flavors while highlighting the nutritional aspects of vegetarian cuisine. The mushrooms included pink oysters, chanterelles, shiitake, enoki, portobello, and button mushrooms, all locally sourced international varieties.

He also posted an Instagram Reel capturing his experience during the G20 Summit. The reel features his arrival at the summit venue, his culinary preparations for the First Ladies in attendance, and his engaging interactions with them. As the video unfolds, he also presents his recipe books to the First Ladies.

G20 Menu Right From Starter To Main Course


  • Paatram: Foxtail millet leaf crisps topped with a yoghurt sphere and special chutney

Main course

  • Paneer Lababdar 

  • Vanavarnam: Jackfruit galatte served with glazed forest mushrooms, little millet crisp and curry leaf tossed Kerala red rice 

  • Potato Lyonnaise

  • Sabja Korma 

  • Cashewnut Makhana

  • Penne in Arrabiata Sauce


  • Jowar Dal Tadka 


  • Onion Cumin Pulao

Raida and Chutney

  • Cucumber Raita

  • Pickle mix

  • Tamarind and date chutney

  • Plain curd

Indian Breads

  • Mumbai Pao

  • Tandoori

  • Roti Butter

  • Onion seed-flavoured soft bun 

  • Bakarkhani: Cardamom-flavoured sweet flatbread 

  • Naan Kulcha


  • Jalebi

  • Kuttu Malpua (Uttar Pradesh Special)

  • Madhurima: Cardamom scented Barnyard millet puddin, fig-peach compote and Ambemohar rice crisps 

  • Kesar Pista Rasmalai (Odisha Special)

  • Warm Walnut and Ginger Pudding

  • Strawberry ice cream

  • Malai Ghevar

  • Gulab Churma

  • Blackcurrant Ice Cream

  • Rasmalai

  • Pista Kulfi

  • Malai Kulfi with Faluda

  • Kesar Pista Thandai

  • Gum pudding

  • Shrikhand

  • Vermicelli

  • Lentil-almond pudding

  • Mishri Mawa

  • Motichoor laddu

  • Dry fruits sweets

  • Kheer

  • Carrot Halwa

  • Angoori Rasmalai

  • Jodhpuri Mawa Kachori

  • Walnut-Fig Pudding

  • Apple Crumble Pie


  • Filter Coffee

  • Kashmere Khawa

  • Darjeeling tea

Millet items

  • Kheer

  • Samosas

  • pudding

  • Foxtail millet 

  • Barnyard millet 

  • Parathas

  • Little millet

Local food Items

  • Dahi Bhalla

  • Bhelpuri

  • Spicy chaat

  • Samosa

  • Vada Pav

  • Dahi Puri

  • Sev Puri

  • Water pancake

  • Mirchi Vada

  • Palaash

  • Bikaneri Dal Paratha

  • Leelva Kachori

  • Tikki

  • Potato Heart Happy

  • Jodhpuri Kabuli Pulao

Other main course

  • Litti chokha of Bihar

  • Bengali rasgulla

  • Rajasthani dal bati churma made with millet

  • Dal Tadka of Punjab

  • Paratha of Urulai Vathakkal, Malabar

  • Uttapam, idli, and masala dosa from southern states

  • Mysore dosa

  • Idli sambar, onion chilli uttapam

  • Delicious recipes of Chandni Chowk


  • Tossed Indian green salad

  • Chana sundal

  • Pasta and grilled vegetable salad

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