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Generate Regular Income: 5 Long-Term Investment Options You Should Know About

For regular income investment: Long-term options with low risk and a high return.

Shivangi Rai
From POMIS, government bonds to mutual funds: 5 long-term investment options for regular income.
From POMIS, government bonds to mutual funds: 5 long-term investment options for regular income.

In today's time, investment options are abundant but not everyone prefers to take on high risks to make money. For those who are more inclined towards a long-term investment strategy with less risk, there are various options available that offer regular income.

Some of the most popular long-term investment options are bonds, stocks, real estate, mutual funds, and retirement schemes. In addition to this, fixed deposits and equity funds can also be considered for long-term investments.

The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS) is an example of an investment that can provide consistent income. The interest rate on this investment, which is a component of the Central Government's Small Savings Scheme, is 7.4%. The minimum investment amount in POMIS is Rs. 1000, while the maximum individual or joint investment is Rs. 15 lakhs.

Government Long Term Bonds, often known as Gold Bonds, are another excellent alternative for long-term investments because they guarantee returns and perform better than fixed deposits in banks. The investment options available in these bonds include Fixed Rate Bonds, Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB), PSU Bonds, Inflation-Indexed Bonds, and Zero-Coupon Bonds, among others.

Monthly Income Plan Mutual Fund is another type of mutual fund investment that can offer regular income along with profits and reinvestment. Also, investing in real estate is an option that can offer good returns in the long term.

Apart from these options, the government has also started schemes such as Retirement Fund EPF, PPF, and Senior Citizen Saving Schemes that can be considered for long-term investments.

While there are several investment options available in the market, opting for the right one can be challenging. For those who prefer less risk and a long-term investment strategy, the options mentioned above can offer regular income and good returns. It is always advised to seek professional help from a financial advisor before taking any steps.

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