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Golden Tips Launches Exclusive Collection of Spring Teas

This new collection includes an array of five freshly plucked special teas such as Spring Moonlight Majesty Black Tea, Spring Flowery Bouquet Organic Black Tea, White Pride Organic Darjeeling White Tea, and more.

KJ Staff

The home-grown purveyor of exotic artisanal teas, Golden Tips has recently launched its collection of Spring Teas i.e., Spring Moonlight Majesty Black Tea, Spring Flowery Bouquet Organic Black Tea, White Pride Organic Darjeeling White Tea, Spring Clonal Magic Darjeeling Black Tea, and Moonlight Exotica Darjeeling Black Tea.

Freshly plucked from the picturesque tea estates of Darjeeling like Badamtam, Castleton, Margaret’s Hope, Arya and Thurbo, these premium luxury teas are attractively twisted, intermittently tippy, intensely vegetal, with a green bloom and a bright light lime liquor.

Moreover, the limited-edition teas have been selectively plucked from special bushes and are minimally processed to maximize the retention of the flavor and bouquet. This offering of spring teas is extremely mellow, subtle, fragrant and having a delicate floral aroma with sweetish finish. The teas have a lingering aromatic aftertaste.

The abundant antioxidants and Polyphenols in these spring teas are known to have anti-ageing and cancer-prevention qualities too. These teas can be consumed throughout the day and are available in the price range between Rs 1,039 (40 gms) to Rs 6,318 (40 gms).

Madhav Sarda, Managing Director, Golden Tips says, “We are delighted to launch our collection of premium range of exotic spring flush teas from iconic tea gardens of Darjeeling. Our partnership with these tea estates dates back more than 4 decades and the quality of teas procured from them are best in the world and has great demand among tea aficionados in India and across the globe”.

Darjeeling tea is widely called the “Champagne of Teas” —for its special aroma and the precise method by which they are processed, which contribute to its preference among connoisseurs. Each year in March, the spring flush of Darjeeling tea is ripe for picking.

A ‘flush' refers to the different picking seasons of the tea. There are 4 flushes, of which the spring and summer one is are comparatively more significant than the other two because of their superior quality.

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