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Governor of Jharkhand Expresses Concern Over Financial Condition of Farmers

Jharkhand Governor Ramesh Bais expressed concern about the economic situation of the state's farmers and emphasized the significance of increasing agricultural products and productivity.

Shivam Dwivedi
Development of nations in the world is only possible after the agriculture sector develops
Development of nations in the world is only possible after the agriculture sector develops

Organic and natural farming will be advantageous, according to Ramesh Bais, who was speaking at a two-day conference on the "Proportion and Share of Agriculture and Rural Development in Inclusive Economic Prosperity."

He also advocated for the promotion of small businesses and rural tourism, and stated that more emphasis should be placed on achieving the goal of rural development. Recounting the country's rapid progress in agriculture since independence, he said innovation played a significant role and praised government policies.

The development of nations in the world is only possible after the agriculture sector develops. He asserted that the development of the agricultural sector is also important for the growth of industries.

"To make India a developed nation, we must accelerate agricultural development...Today, when we talk about Atmanirbhar (self-reliance), it is more important to make rural economies self-sufficient," said the governor.

Agriculture is critical to economic growth and development. It is essential to human existence because it provides food. It contributes significantly to economic activity in other sectors of the economy as a supplier of industrial raw materials.

The agriculture and rural development sectors are critical to the country's goal of becoming a five-trillion-dollar economy, and the challenge is to achieve responsible and inclusive agricultural production and management, which will be possible if all stakeholders contribute responsibly to the development goal.

Today, agri startups have enormous opportunities for youths because they can help link farmers with the market, he said, adding that digital technology will greatly help to link farmers' products with markets and lauding NABARD's contribution.

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