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Green Ideas to Life: Indian Company that is leading the Global Way in Sustainability

Transforming the green product ideas from a concept to reality is the need of the century and Sustainability is the only mantra. Raghuveer Panaghati, Co Founder, Indisutras/Geosmin exchanged views with The Editor, Agriculture World, Dr Lakshmi Unnithan on how they explore, curate, procure, promote, market, sell and service sustainable products and solutions across the globe. He is one of the founders and plays a prominent role in product development and the other Founders Akash does Finance, Back end and Packaging and Shivraj based in Germany looks after Europe market. Geosmin is a Domestic brand of Indisutras.

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Loofah Scrubber
Loofah Scrubber

Transforming the green product ideas from a concept to reality is the need of the century and Sustainability is the only mantra. Raghuveer Panaghati, Co Founder, Indisutras/Geosmin  exchanged views with The Editor, Agriculture World, Dr Lakshmi Unnithan on how they explore, curate, procure, promote, market, sell and service sustainable products and solutions across the globe. He is one of the founders and plays a prominent role in product development and the other Founders Akash does Finance, Back end and Packaging and Shivraj based in Germany looks after Europe market. Geosmin is a Domestic brand of Indisutras. 

Raghuveer is a mechanical engineer turned environmentalist. He ended his IT career and has put himself in multiple startups from working with farmers in organic produce to promoting electric vehicles in peri-urban areas. This has helped him immensely in shaping his world view, gave him the chance to meet people from diverse backgrounds, collaborate to work with like-minded people and finally start his own novel initiatives towards a sustainable lifestyle. He helps build connections for individuals and communities where traditional skills, minimalistic trends, zero-waste living styles are showcased to the world. Its from his interactions with individuals that he got to explore life styles of people, and their livelihoods which are in-sync with nature. He was interested in alternatives from the beginning and was in search of making sustainable products and also building a career in that area. He then started exploring materials, places and people who are working in those areas.  

Their Clusters are based depending on the material they work and its availability in a region. Identifying Clusters  is not easy but they travel and explore to find out people who work with different products. Organic Melas and Flea markets also have helped identifying people who work with them. Indisutras have been able to develop Artisan clusters in over 10 States of India until now and are able to produce products that meet international standards. They follow Circular Economy Principles in all our work so there is no negative impact left behind in our entire value chain. The products have certain quality attached to it and based on country specifications they craft the product. Indisutras also offer Customization, modifications etc with respect to the product. 

Sisal Bath Scrub
Sisal Bath Scrub

Indisutras manufacturing involves balanced process that is minimum 60% of human labor and rest 40% of automation with minimal artificial energy needs. They work in decentralised process hence contribute to local economy and uplift the local craft and incorporate various traditional technics and values in their product and thus generating more employment/livelihood. They are not an Industrialised  set up and they work with clusters and farmers and stake holders directly and cocreates products. Geosmin is a local brand of Indisutras. 

Every Product is curated with utmost care so that it becomes a sustainable alternative to existing Plastic Products and there by save the planet for future generations to come. Traditional art/craft  are at the verge of extinction are continuously identified and possible products  is developed so that the same would survive and co-exist. Natural Fibre Products from Vetiver, Sisal and Loofah, Banana, Agave and Bamboo. Scrubs made of Sisal,Vetiver and Loofah has skin-rejuvenating benefits and anti-inflammatory. It helps to relax muscles and heal the skin. It is known to beneficial to cure acne and improves blood circulation. The other products are Bamboo brushes, Bamboo straws, Organic cloth bags, Coconut Shell, Wooden products and Lacquer ware. Straws out of Coconut Leaf and Cutlery from Sisal fibre, Sisal  fibre ropes and macramé holders etc are the products they are looking forward. 

Covid hasn’t affected much within his industry says Raghuveer since the export hasn’t been stopped by the Government. The journey ahead for Indisutras looks promising says Raghuveer as there are many eco-conscious people would love to collaborate with likeminded people .Environmental crisis is at the peak so he requests the readers and followers to be environment friendly and inspire and propagate the word about change in lifestyle products. 

Sharing green ideas with Indisutras would take care of sourcing the greenest of the raw material and also iterative prototyping till MVP to producing them fairly. So why wait, turn over your ideas into word class products that are ecologically produced in India. 

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