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Himachal CM Sukhvinder Announces Collaboration with NDDB for Rs 250 Crore Milk Processing Plant

The establishment of the state-of-the-art milk processing plant in Dagwar marks a significant step forward for Himachal Pradesh's dairy industry.

Shivam Dwivedi
Himachal CM Sukhvinder Announces Collaboration with NDDB for Rs 250 Crore Milk Processing Plant (Photo Source: Pexels)
Himachal CM Sukhvinder Announces Collaboration with NDDB for Rs 250 Crore Milk Processing Plant (Photo Source: Pexels)

In a bid to boost the dairy industry and fulfill its promises to the farmers, the Himachal Pradesh government has announced a collaboration with the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) to set up a modern milk processing plant. The plant will be located in Dagwar, a village in the Kangra district, and is expected to revolutionize the dairy sector in the state.

According to an official release, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, chaired a meeting at Oak Over to discuss the plans for the plant. He revealed that the project would require an estimated investment of approximately Rs 250 crores, with the NDDB providing crucial assistance in the plant's operation and marketing.

The proposed milk processing plant at Dagwar will have a capacity ranging from one lakh to three lakh liters. It will not only focus on processing milk but also on producing high-quality milk-based products. This initiative aligns with the Congress party's 'Pratigyapatra,' in which they pledged to purchase cow's milk from farmers at Rs. 80 per liter and buffalo's milk at Rs. 100 per liter.

Chief Minister Sukhu emphasized the government's commitment to promoting the dairy-based industry in the state. The establishment of the plant in Dagwar will benefit farmers from Kangra, Hamirpur, Una, and Chamba districts. To facilitate the milk collection system, NDDB will conduct a survey in these areas.

Highlighting the government's environmental concerns, Chief Minister Sukhu stated that the packaging of dairy products would not involve the use of plastic. The state government aims to explore alternative packaging materials to protect the climate and air quality of Himachal Pradesh from the pollutants associated with plastics.

With around 90 percent of the state's population residing in rural areas, the government recognizes the vital connection between animal husbandry, agriculture, and the welfare of farmers. By strengthening the rural economy, the government aims to increase farmers' income and uplift their standard of living.

Meenesh Shah, Chairman of the NDDB, assured the government of his organization's full support for this mission. NDDB will provide two consultants at its own expense to assist in the operation of the plant and the marketing of milk products.

The meeting was attended by Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Minister Chander Kumar, Chief Parliamentary Secretaries Chaudhary Ram Kumar and Ashish Butail, Chairman of H.P. Milkfed Federation Nihal Chand Sharma, Principal Advisor Ram Subhag Singh, Secretary Agriculture Rakesh Kanwar, and other officials.

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