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Himachal Kisan Sabha Calls for Establishment of Maize Purchase Centers in Hamirpur

The Himachal Pradesh Kisan Sabha's call for direct interventions and focused support at the village level is a step towards ensuring the prosperity and well-being of farmers in the district.

Shivam Dwivedi
Himachal Kisan Sabha Calls for Establishment of Maize Purchase Centers in Hamirpur (Photo Source: Pixabay)
Himachal Kisan Sabha Calls for Establishment of Maize Purchase Centers in Hamirpur (Photo Source: Pixabay)

In a bid to support local farmers and enhance agricultural activities, the Himachal Pradesh Kisan Sabha has fervently urged the government to set up maize purchase centers in the district of Hamirpur. The demand comes as maize cultivation thrives on a substantial scale in the region.

Leading the charge, Kuldip Tanwar, the State President of Kisan Sabha, highlighted the significance of bringing government agricultural and horticultural schemes to the grassroots level. Tanwar made these statements on Friday during a gathering, where he emphasized the need for direct interventions in villages to bolster the agricultural sector.

In order to amplify the voice of farmers and champion their interests, a district convention is scheduled to take place in Hamirpur on August 16. More than 200 farmers are expected to participate in this convention to voice their concerns and present their collective demands.

Among the key demands put forth by the Kisan Sabha is the provision of four times compensation for farmers whose lands are acquired for the construction of four lanes. Additionally, the Sabha calls for the government to ensure appropriate land for the rehabilitation of affected farmers, acknowledging the importance of supporting them during land acquisition and development projects.

During the discussions at the convention, various challenges faced by farmers in the Hamirpur district were brought to the forefront. Tanwar, while appealing to the farmers to unite, emphasized that they form the backbone of the country and their well-being is integral to the nation's prosperity.

Maize cultivation has become a vital aspect of the region's agricultural landscape, and the establishment of purchase centers in Hamirpur could significantly aid farmers in accessing markets and obtaining fair prices for their produce. This move is expected to provide a much-needed boost to the agricultural sector, benefiting both farmers and the overall economy of Himachal Pradesh.

The demand for maize purchase centers reflects the growing consciousness among farmers about their rights and the need for adequate support from the government. As agricultural activities continue to play a crucial role in the state's economy, such initiatives are essential to foster sustainable growth and development in rural regions like Hamirpur.

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