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Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhu Announces Major Push for Drone Technology

Drones can help precision farming by doing soil health scans, monitoring crop health, assisting in irrigation schedule planning, applying fertilizers, estimating yield data, and providing important data for weather study.

Shivam Dwivedi
Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhu Announces Major Push for Drone Technology
Himachal Pradesh CM Sukhu Announces Major Push for Drone Technology

Drone technology would be encouraged in Himachal Pradesh for rapid growth and increased efficiency across all sectors, said Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on Wednesday, emphasizing the critical responsibilities the unmanned aerial vehicle can play ranging from health care delivery to crime control.

Given the state's tough topography, he believes drones would be effective in reaching the most isolated locations. "This is one of the main reasons why they are better suited for hilly states like Himachal Pradesh," said the chief minister in a statement released here.

"Though the state's drone policy was framed a long time ago, much remains to be done to fully adopt and give practical shape to it," he said, adding that drones may assist rescue operations run more efficiently.

According to Sukhu, the state government is also carefully studying how modern technology could be used to speed up the services of various government departments. "This will also benefit the general public because the technology will play an important role in health and other sectors."

Drones can also be used to distribute micronutrients in agriculture, as well as in mining, law enforcement, agricultural, horticulture, constriction work, criminal control, logistics, surveillance, forest, and wildlife, according to the chief minister.

Farmers may stay up to date on the health of plants in a certain area and designate which field areas require care by employing drones for agriculture mapping. Drones use infrared cameras to inspect fields and determine light absorption rates to assess crop health.

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