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ICAR-IVRI Gets Patent For Instant Soup Mix Made From Spent Hen Meat

ICAR-IVRI develop Instant Soup Mix from Spent Hen Meat

Shipra Singh
ICAR-IVRI building (for illustration purpose only)
ICAR-IVRI building (for illustration purpose only)

It was a moment of pride for ICAR-IVRI (Indian Veterinary Research Institute) on June 24, 2021. The institute, located in Izatnagar, Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, received patent for “Utilization of Spent Hen Meat for Preparation of Instant Soup Mix.” The patent no. is 370161. 

The team of inventors include: 

  • Palanisamy Gokulakrishnan 

  • Sanjod Kumar Mendiratta 

Both are of the Livestock Products Technology Division of the Institute. 

About the Spend Hen Meat Soup Mix invention 

Scientists invented an improved procedure to prepare Instant Soup Mix from Spent Hen Meat using starch, spices, and condiments.  

Their improved process ensures a ready-to-eat food that is delicious, nutritious, and convenient to prepare.  

The Instant Soup Mix shows a shelf life of more than 3 months when kept at room temperature, provided it is packaged in Aluminium foil-LDPE laminate pouches (Al foil 15µ - LDPE 40µ).  

The best way to prepare 

Add the mix in cold water. Stir it. Bring the mix to boil. The ratio of Instant Soup Mix to water is 1:13. This method brings out incredible color, appearance, taste, consistency, and intensity of meat flavour of the soup.  

The soup is low in fat (<2%) and high in protein (>26%). 

A great choice in a busy lifestyle 

With an increasing number of people getting busier, these days and skipping meals becoming more than common than ever, this Instant Soup Mix can be a rescuer. It can be a great source of protein in the diet. Protein is filling in nature. It helps to curb unnecessary hunger pangs that pop up between meals.  

(Source: Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU), ICAR-Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh) 

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