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IFFCO Begins Export of Nano Urea to US amid PM Modi’s State Visit

With the export of Nano Urea to the US, IFFCO continues to expand its global reach and contribute to the advancement of agricultural practices on a global scale.

Shivam Dwivedi
IFFCO Begins Export of Nano Urea to US amid PM Modi’s State Visit (Photo Source: Pexels)
IFFCO Begins Export of Nano Urea to US amid PM Modi’s State Visit (Photo Source: Pexels)

IFFCO, a prominent cooperative leader in India, has announced the commencement of exports for its unique and indigenous product, Nano Urea, to the United States. This significant development aligns with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ongoing state visit to the US, highlighting the cooperation and advancements in the agricultural sector between the two countries.

The export agreement was formally established between IFFCO and Kapoor Enterprises Inc of California, as stated in a press release issued by IFFCO. The introduction of Nano Urea has revolutionized the agricultural industry by offering substantial benefits such as reduced storage space requirements, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced crop yields.

A mere 500 ml bottle of IFFCO Nano Urea Liquid has the potential to replace at least one bag of conventional urea. This breakthrough technology has garnered widespread attention, with over five lakh bottles of IFFCO Nano Urea already exported to more than 25 countries. Furthermore, within India, an impressive 5.7 crore bottles have already been sold. Nano Urea represents a groundbreaking advancement in fertilizers, as it not only increases production but also improves the nutritional quality of crops while reducing reliance on chemical fertilizers.

Developed through years of dedicated research by IFFCO's esteemed scientists and engineers, the indigenously produced Nano Urea Liquid has demonstrated its efficacy and potential to reshape modern agriculture. In addition to Nano Urea, IFFCO has also introduced Nano DAP Liquid, which is available to farmers worldwide. This innovative product serves as an effective solution for enhancing plant productivity and offers a more affordable alternative to conventional DAP fertilizers.

IFFCO emphasized the detrimental effects of excessive urea and DAP usage, including environmental pollution, soil degradation, and increased susceptibility to diseases, insect infestations, and delayed crop maturity. Conversely, Nano Urea Liquid strengthens crops, promotes their health, and safeguards against lodging effects.

The introduction of both Nano Urea and Nano DAP signifies game-changing innovations in the agriculture industry, enabling sustainable practices and fostering a more efficient and productive farming ecosystem. These advancements serve as a testament to IFFCO's commitment to driving progress in agriculture through cutting-edge research and development.

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