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Indian Railways Update: How to Change Your IRCTC Registered Mobile Number

One can easily book Indian Railways tickets online via IRCTC app or IRCTC website.

Tooba Maher
Quick ways to update your registered mobile number on IRCTC.
Quick ways to update your registered mobile number on IRCTC.

All you will need is a login ID and password. However, to have an IRCTC login, you first need to register with the IRCTC, for this mobile number and email ID are required.

Passengers must note that only one mobile number can be registered with one IRCTC account.

Therefore, if you have changed your mobile number, then you will have to either create a new IRCTC account with a new mobile number or change the registered mobile number in your existing account. But, the second option is not known to many people. Yes, it is possible to change your registered mobile number on the IRCTC website or IRCTC App. We will guide you how you can do it.

Get Your Mobile Number Registered with IRCTC Account

Always remember that it is important to register your mobile number with IRCTC account as important. It is because all information related to your Indian Railways train ticket booking such as schedule of the train, boarding and departure or train cancellation update, is informed through the same registered mobile number by the IRCTC.

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How you can change your registered mobile number on IRCTC website?

Method to change your registered mobile number on IRCTC website

1. First, open the IRCTC application on your phone or computer

2. Next, you need to login your account by your email id & password

3. Click on User Profile and select Update Profile

4. In the other screen, find your registered mobile number

5. Tap on the update button & add your new mobile number

6. Now, click on submit button

7. You will receive an OTP on your new mobile number you just added

8. Enter this OTP on the website

9. Click on the submit button

10. Your new number is registered on IRCTC website

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