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Insects Discovered in Makhana Purchased from Flipkart, Company Issues a Response

An online shopper found live bugs in makhana ordered from Flipkart, leading to a refund after sharing the issue on social media, with various users sharing similar experiences and advice on X.

Shivangi Rai
A man took to X to share that he found tiny insects crawling inside a packet of makhana he ordered online. (Image Courtesy- Siddharth Shah/Twitter)
A man took to X to share that he found tiny insects crawling inside a packet of makhana he ordered online. (Image Courtesy- Siddharth Shah/Twitter)

An online shopper, Siddharth Shah, recently took to social media platform X to express his shock and disgust upon discovering live insects inside a packet of makhana he had ordered from Flipkart.

Shah shared a series of photos showcasing the distressing sight and emphasized that the product came with no return policy.

Flipkart's Initial Response

Upon noticing Shah's post, Flipkart responded with a standard acknowledgment and requested him to remove any order-specific details from the post. The conversation between the customer and the company continued for a while.

Flipkart Offers Refund!

In a later update, Shah informed his followers that Flipkart had issued a refund for the problematic order, expressing gratitude for the support he had received.

Users Reactions on X

Shah's post on X garnered significant attention and generated a variety of reactions from other users:

  1. One user shared a similar negative experience with Flipkart, warning against ordering food products from the platform and claiming to have received an expired item.

  2. In a humorous tone, another user jokingly asked if Flipkart was selling non-vegetarian makhana.

  3. A third user provided practical advice, suggesting that for non-returnable products, companies often request disposal of the item and issue a refund. They also advised trying alternative communication methods, such as phone or email, and, if necessary, involving the bank to dispute the charge.

  4. Lastly, a user expressed a preference for purchasing certain items offline, implying that this might help avoid such issues.

Overall, Siddharth Shah's alarming experience with insects in his makhana ordered from Flipkart garnered significant attention on X, highlighting the importance of quality control in online food product deliveries and the diverse responses from users who shared their own experiences and advice.

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