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Join the Millet Movement: Eat Right Walkathon & Mela on April 16!

As part of the celebration of the International Millet Year 2023, the district government will hold a 'Eat Right Millet Walkathon' and a 'Millet Mela' on April 16 at Chhappan Dukan.

Shivam Dwivedi
Join the Millet Movement: Eat Right Walkathon & Mela on April 16!
Join the Millet Movement: Eat Right Walkathon & Mela on April 16!

The goal is to encourage the general people to consume coarse grains such as millets or Shri Anna. Various competitions on the subject of Eat-Right Millet are also planned to be held on the day.

The festival will feature a variety of activities, according to Additional Collector Abhay Bedekar. On April 16, at 7 a.m., a walkathon will be held in Chhappan Dukan.

This walk will begin and end at Chhappan Dukan and will take you through Lantern Square and High Court. The walkathon will be attended by distinguished district citizens, school kids, NCC cadets, and government officials-employees.

On the same day, from 2 to 9 p.m., a millets fair will be held in Chhappan Dukan. During the fair, millets will be widely publicised.

There will also be debate programmes about the use of millets. Along with this, food makers will organise an exhibition connected to 'Shree Anna,' i.e. millets, and food items prepared from various millets will be presented at Chappan Dukan. During the fair, there will also be a cultural programme. It was learned that numerous competitions will be held at the fair.

The tournament 'Hum Hai Jagruk, Hum Hai Eat Right Nagrik' is being organized (we are conscious, we are Eat Right Citizens). The goal of this competition is to spread the message of developing new and healthy eating habits and encourage individuals to include millets in their daily diets.

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