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Krishi Jagran Hosts Live Interaction of Women Entrepreneurs on Women’s Day

Krishi Jagran recognizes the significance of this day and has organized a Live Interaction with Women Entrepreneurs today. Many prominent female entrepreneurs took part in this virtual discussion and expressed their perspectives.

Shivam Dwivedi
Live Interaction of Women Entrepreneurs on Women’s Day
Live Interaction of Women Entrepreneurs on Women’s Day

Women entrepreneurs contribute to a country's economic progress & stability. They serve as role models for other women who want to establish their own enterprises. As a result, more jobs are created for women, which helps to close the gender gap in the workforce. When women achieve success in a field, the next generation of women are more likely to follow in their footsteps.

Krishi Jagran recognizes the significance of this day and has organized a Live Interaction with Women Entrepreneurs today. Many prominent female entrepreneurs took part in this virtual discussion and expressed their perspectives.

KritikaMadhukar, Anchor (Krishi Jagran), welcomed everyone and began the session with a brief introduction of each participant, and the entire session was moderated by Khili Dhawan of Krishi Jagran.

Women Entrepreneurs' Points of View:

Komal Shah Bhukhanwala, Managing Director, Sulphur Mills Ltd, began her speech by wishing everyone a very happy Women's Day and expressing her gratitude for the opportunity to speak. She spoke on the multiple issues that our agriculture industry is currently facing, such as the need to double farmers' income, monitor pesticide use, and maintain food quality in order to address food and nutritional security. Nutritional inadequacy affects women in general, which is why they are prone to anemia, which has ramifications for their children and future generations.

She stated that while there are many women in the pharmaceutical and food industries, there are many more who could be found in the agribusiness, which is the industry that ultimately feeds others.

Suniti Gupta, Managing Director, Innoterra Tech India Private Limited, stated that her team travels to rural areas of the country and provides solutions to people through various FPOs and SHGs so that they can grow high-quality foods, and that her company also provides them with branding opportunities. "When a woman earns, her morale and self-confidence rise," she remarked.

Sangeeta Dawar Mehendiratta, Lead Government Affairs Public Affairs, Science & Sustainability, Bayer Crop Science Limited appreciated Krishi Jagran for inviting her to the platform and added, “80 percent of women are involved in the farming sector, although they hold 11-13 percent of the land. Because of established social structures, they lack land ownership."

She stated that Bayer has launched a flagship programme called the Smallholder Initiative, which aims to increase the inclusion & encouragement of women and also helps them in connecting with FPOs & SHGs.

Dr. Veenita Kumari, Deputy Director Gender Studies, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Telangana believes that now is the ideal time for women to transition from "women-farmer" to "women-entrepreneur." By doing so, she brought attention to a problem that women face, namely access to capital, which is essential for beginning a business. She advised that financial literacy initiatives be created at the grassroots level to increase people's awareness and empower them.

Dr. Sangita Ladha, Business Director, Rivullis Irrigation India Pvt Ltd, began her speech with a Pt. Nehru quote: "In order to awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened; once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, and the nation move." As a result, she argued that involving women in technological innovation, energy conservation, and environmental conservation is critical to addressing the problem of climate change. Mentorship and leadership programmes, she believes, can help women overcome their fear of technology.

Neha, Manager Gender, Solidaridad Network Asia wished everyone a Happy Women's Day and then spoke about her Solidaridad Group, which works in the agriculture space and supply chain in more than 40 countries. She stated that her organization is in contact with 50,000 women and 10,000 female entrepreneurs.

She also brought up the topic of land ownership, stating that in order to be classified as a farmer, one needs to own land in order to make use of government programmes and other resources.

Sandeepa Kanitkar, CMD and Founder, Kan Biosys expressed gratitude to Krishi Jagran for providing a platform for her to speak out. She stated that "freedom is very important in job advancement," and that "we must offer women the opportunity to choose and thrive in corporate careers," adding that "a strong support system is essential."

Then she revealed that her organization has the world's largest microbial bank, which houses over ten thousand microorganisms that are beneficial to agriculture in terms of increasing production. "Our organization has the finest solution to reduce stubble burning," she added, "which we have tested over 40 thousand acres in Punjab and Haryana."

Babita Singh, Project Lead, (GEF India) Rainforest Alliance started her speech with a quote, "Women's empowerment is a rising tide that lifts all boats." She stated, "We have seen, historically, men go outside and women are meant to take care of domestic duties," and that "this contribution of women has worsened with the passage of time." She went on to tell all women that we must be strong, courageous, confident, independent, and enthusiastic in order to achieve our goals.

According to a study, adding women can enhance our farm productivity by 20-30% because they are highly organized and work truly. "Technology, awareness, and trainings are the need of the hour to empower women," she stated at the end of her speech.

Priya Soni, Assistant Product Manager, Ayurvet Limited, stated that her company manufactures herbal medications for cattle while speaking about her business. She explained that because rural women are financially reliant on their cattle to meet their daily requirements, it is critical to protect their cow's health. She further stated that they are conducting various public awareness campaigns in order to assist women farmers in the same.

Keya Salot, Co-Founder, Farm2Fam said that her company is attempting to grow a product that is currently imported from other nations, such as blueberries and raspberries. She is providing training and skilling for women in order to properly care for those crops.

Anamika Pandey, Founder, Naario told the story of her mother and how she turned her passion into a business. She stated that in order to support women entrepreneurs, an ecosystem must be created. Allow them to try, break the bias, and both urban and rural women must learn from each other.

The session was concluded by Binita Kumari, Content Writer, Krishi Jagran with the vote of thanks.

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