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‘MFOI Bharat Yatra 2023-2024’: Let’s Connect with the Millionaire Farmers across India!

This nationwide journey will connect with more than 1 lakh farmers, traverse 4520 locations, and cover a distance exceeding 26,000 kilometres!

P. S. Saini

In an ambitious endeavour to empower the agricultural community, Krishi Jagran is set to kickstart the ‘MFOI Bharat Yatra’, a transformative journey to begin in December 2023 and conclude in November 2024.

“This is not merely a road trip; it is a transformative experience aimed at empowering farmers and elevating their social and economic standing. By connecting with Millionaire Farmers, the yatra aims to inspire others, creating a ripple effect of prosperity and growth within the farming community,” shares MC Dominic, Founder, Krishi Jagran and the brain behind ‘Millionaire Farmer of India Awards’.

To commence soon after the 3-day event - ‘Millionaire Farmer of India Awards 2023’ - gets over at Pusa, New Delhi, ‘MFOI Bharat Yatra’ aims to connect with over 1 lakh Millionaire Farmers across India, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and recognition of their remarkable achievements.

The launch of the MFOI Bharat Yatra signifies a monumental step towards recognising and celebrating the exceptional achievements of Millionaire Farmers in India. This nationwide journey will connect with more than 1 lakh farmers, traverse 4520 locations, and cover a distance exceeding 26,000 kilometres!

By engaging with farmers on such a massive scale, the yatra seeks to celebrate their success stories, highlight best practices, and encourage innovation in the agricultural sector. The MFOI Bharat Yatra has been meticulously planned, with the country divided into four distinct zones. Each zone will have a dedicated vehicle embarking on a 250-day expedition covering a collective distance exceeding 26,000 kilometres. This strategic approach ensures the yatra reaches far and wide, leaving no stone unturned in connecting with farmers from diverse regions.

Throughout this extraordinary journey, the MFOI Bharat Yatra will visit 4520 locations, including villages, towns, and agricultural hubs. “The basic aim is to establish meaningful connections with millions of farmers, providing a platform for interaction, inspiration, and knowledge exchange” adds Shiny Dominic, Managing Director, Krishi Jagran.

This grand initiative would not be possible without the support of key partners, including Mahindra Tractors, a renowned name in agricultural machinery. Their collaboration brings added expertise, resources, and opportunities to farmers.

Additionally, Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) will play a pivotal role in facilitating the yatra's success. Their presence on the ground ensures that the benefits of the MFOI Bharat Yatra reach the grassroots level, empowering farmers at every step.

Furthermore, digital platforms and media partnerships will be leveraged to amplify the reach and impact of the yatra. Social media, online platforms, and traditional media outlets will be utilised to disseminate information, create awareness, and inspire farmers across the nation.

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