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MFOI Day 3, Valedictory Session: Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Put Collaborative Efforts Into Context

During the concluding session of the three-day event, the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards held at the IARI, Pusa Ground in Delhi, farmers were honored, and various perspectives surrounding farming took center stage, becoming the highlights of the evening.

Ravisha Poddar
MFOI 2023: Valedictory Ceremony
Exhibitors Felicitation at MFOI 2023

The valedictory session of the Millionaire Farmer of India (MFOI) Awards commenced with an atmosphere of celebration and acknowledgment as the distribution of prizes among the deserving farmers took center stage, marking the culmination of the three-day event dedicated to the agrarian community.

Mashar Velapurath, Managing Director of AFC India Ltd, graced the platform to deliver a keynote address, commending the comprehensive series of sessions conducted throughout the event. He underscored how this gathering has significantly contributed to framing a broader perspective in the agricultural domain. Velapurath lauded the collaborative efforts of Krishi Jagran and Mr. and Mrs. Dominic, acknowledging the rarity and significance of an event exclusively dedicated to farmers in a landscape often dominated by celebrations of actors, directors and other performing artists.

Expressing his gratitude, Velapurath addressed the audience, "I congratulate all the winners and appreciate the participation of every farmer involved. This three-day program's success owes greatly to your active involvement. It's no small feat to orchestrate an event of this scale. My heartfelt congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Dominic for orchestrating this achievement."

Reflecting on the evolution of agriculture, Velapurath highlighted the shift from the traditional focus on wheat and rice to the rising prominence of fruits and vegetables in recent years. He emphasized the importance of crop diversification, citing successful initiatives promoting fruit and vegetable cultivation during fallow seasons in regions like Odisha and subtropical fruits in mountainous areas like Himachal Pradesh, diversifying farmers' income.

Transitioning to financial aspects, he shed light on priority sector lending, stressing the need for adequate financial resources accessible to all farmers, irrespective of scale, for endeavors like dairy farming, fisheries, or general agricultural needs.

Following Velapurath's address, RG Agarwal, Chairman, Dhanuka Group, drew attention to the gap between Indian and Chinese agricultural outputs, attributing this difference to a lack of knowledge and awareness among Indian farmers. He said "I firmly believe that the primary reason for the gap in low production stems from the lack of knowledge and awareness among farmers. It's concerning that a significant proportion of farmers do not have access to adequate information regarding appropriate agricultural practices and remain unaware of helpful resources available to them.

"While the government is endeavoring to reach as many people as possible, it's crucial for other stakeholders, including those working in the domain, to take responsibility for raising awareness among farmers about suitable agricultural practices. It's also incumbent upon the community to actively share knowledge amongst each other, fostering growth and striving to become global leaders in our field."

The session further honored exhibitors for their noteworthy contributions to the agricultural sector before P Sathasivam, Former Chief Justice of India, Former Governor of Kerala took the stage to offer his concluding thoughts. Born into an agricultural family and having served as the Chief Justice of India and Governor of Kerala, Sathasivam shared his deep-rooted connection to farming.

  • "Despite holding the highest office in Tamil Nadu, I chose to remain connected to farming. After retirement and then serving a term as Governor of Kerela, I devoted myself to farming and modernizing farming techniques, but I must admit, farming remains largely unremunerative," he expressed candidly.

Sathasivam highlighted the necessity of government schemes reaching farmers effectively. He shared that his interaction with the Prime Minister led to the initiative of translating and simplifying government schemes into regional languages for wider comprehension among farmers.

The event culminated with a convivial "networking dinner," fostering conversations and camaraderie among attendees, where the essence of this three-day commemoration lingered amidst the exchange of ideas over a shared meal.

This valedictory session of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards celebrated the spirit of agriculture, while also spotlighting areas requiring attention and concerted efforts to uplift and empower farmers across the nation.

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