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Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Day 3, Session 3 Highlighted Farmer Income Opportunities in Agri and Allied Sectors

Millionaire Farmer Awards Day 3 Session 3 highlighted income opportunities, covering livestock health, digitalization, and sustainable farming.

Shivangi Rai
Panel Discussion on "Farmer Income Opportunities in Agri and Allied Sectors."
Panel Discussion on "Farmer Income Opportunities in Agri and Allied Sectors."

The Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, a commendable initiative by Krishi Jagran organized by MC Dominic, Founder and Editor in Chief, and Shiny Dominic, Managing Director, reached its height on Day 3, Session 3.

The focal point of this session was "Farmer Income Opportunities in Agri and Allied Sectors," featuring eminent personalities who shared valuable insights.

Bimal Kumar, Assistant Director ARDD, Government of Odisha, began the session with a warm welcome note and presentation and hosted the session. He then initiated a panel discussion that delved into the theme and emphasized the multifaceted challenges faced by farmers.

During his presentation on addressing mastitis, Kumar highlighted the complexity of diseases in livestock and advocated for homeopathic remedies, which, he asserted, are devoid of side effects.

The session continued with discussions on various facets of agriculture and allied sectors. Dr Santosh Ire, a prominent figure in poultry veterinary care, emphasized the significant role of poultry farming in rural poverty alleviation, stressing the need to focus on animal husbandry and dairy industries.

Prof Moni Madaswamy, Former Director General, National Informatics Centre, brought attention to the digital transformation of India's agriculture system. He stressed the importance of a research-oriented approach for technological interventions in agriculture, emphasizing smart farming practices and risk management systems.

Soumendra Nayak, Project Lead, Agribusiness Strategy, PI Industries, provided a historical perspective on India's agricultural production, pointing out the remarkable increase from 50 million tonnes to 200 million tonnes. He also addressed the critical issue of farmers' income, asserting that despite increased production, discussions on improving farmers' income are still inadequate.

The session featured a diverse range of speakers, including Sudhanshu Kumar from Bihar, Sourav Pandey, Director of ISAB, Ravikant Singh, National Advisor of All India Panchayat, Dr Pankaj Bhatt, Assistant Vice President of NCDEX, and M Thajudeen, State President of Kerala Poultry Federation. Each speaker shared unique insights into enhancing farmer income and the overall development of the agricultural sector.

The session was then concluded with a vibrant question-and-answer round, allowing participants to engage with the speakers. The event wrapped up with the felicitation of deserving farmers with the prestigious Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, acknowledging their outstanding contributions to the agricultural landscape.

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