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Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Day 3 Session 2 Celebrates KVKs, ATARIs Contribution in Agricultural Innovation

Millionaire Farmer of India Awards Day 3 Session 2 celebrates agricultural innovation, highlighting the pivotal role of KVKs and ATARIs.

Shivangi Rai
MFOI 2023 Day 3 Session 2 Celebrates KVKs and ATARIs Contribution in Agricultural Innovation.
MFOI 2023 Day 3 Session 2 Celebrates KVKs and ATARIs Contribution in Agricultural Innovation.

In a groundbreaking session of Day 3 Session 2 themed "KVKs and ATARIs: Pillars for Elevating Farmers' Income," the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards reached new heights. MC Dominic, Founder and Editor in Chief and Shiny Dominic, Managing Director of Krishi Jagran organized the three-day agri-event successfully at IARI Pusa Ground Mela.

The focus of the session was on the crucial role played by Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), Agricultural Universities, and various stakeholders associated with Agricultural Technology Application Research Institutes (ATARIs) in boosting farmers' income.

Amit Gupta, representing Sany Heavy Industries Pvt Ltd, took the stage to present the accomplishments of his firm. He expressed pride in their stall, which showcased an array of cutting-edge machines.

Also, he encouraged attendees to explore the exhibit for more insights, stating, "Our stall has been set up here showcasing various machines, and I wish you to gather more information from here."

The event featured insights from Brijesh Tripathi, an awardee and progressive farmer, who shared his transformative journey. He had previously been dependent on entrepreneurs, adhering to their predetermined rates.

However, he highlighted a paradigm shift, stating, "I have created a social platform where more than one lakh farmers are associated with us, along with over a thousand entrepreneurs. We, the farmers, now share expenses and income."

Dr VV Subramanian, the Director of ATARI, Zone-XI, delivered a global perspective, emphasizing the significance of the MFOI mentioning it as the global forum. He urged that India should not be judged solely on its developmental status, but rather as a nation contributing meaningfully to agriculture.

Dr SRK Singh, Additional Director General of ATARI, played a pivotal role in coordinating the entire event. He underscored the importance of recognizing and appreciating the efforts of farmers, referring to them as the unsung heroes of society when they progress and perform well.

Dr Pradip Dey, Director of ATARI, Zone-V, shed light on the transformative impact of drones in agriculture. He highlighted their role in saving up to 40 percent of pesticide inputs and preventing land pollution. Dey emphasized the need to embrace drone technology for sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Along with these speakers, other prominent speakers also spoke, and the session was then concluded with a heartfelt ceremony, where farmers were felicitated with awards for their outstanding contributions to the agricultural sector. The session served as a testament to the innovation and dedication within the farming community, reinforcing the belief that such recognition events are crucial for motivating and uplifting farmers on their journey to success.

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