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Krishi Jagran Announces the Winner of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards 2023 Dr Rajaram Tripathi, Who Receives Free 7-Day Trip to Brazil

Dr Rajaram Tripathi, a farmer who makes over Rs 25 crores a year, won the Millionaire Farmer of India Award, renowned for his pioneering work, and embarks on a seven-day trip to Brazil sponsored by APEXBRASIL, initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Brazil Government on December 8, 2023, at the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, IARI, Ground Mela.

Shivangi Rai
Dr Rajaram Tripathi was felicitated with the Millionaire Farmer of India Award.
Dr Rajaram Tripathi was felicitated with the Millionaire Farmer of India Award.

Dr Rajaram Tripathi has been honoured with the prestigious "Millionaire Farmer of India Award" felicitated by M C Dominic, Founder and Editor in Chief and Shiny Dominic, Managing Director of Krishi Jagran, and embarks on a seven-day trip to Brazil sponsored by APEXBRASIL and presented by H.E. Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nobrega, Ambassador in a momentous recognition of his outstanding contributions to organic farming and sustainable agriculture.

Other eminent personalities present during the award felicitation were Michiel van Erkel – Agriculture Counsellor, Embassy of Netherlands, H.E. Manoj Nardeosingh – Secretary General, AARDO, Conrad Nana Kojo Asiedu, First Secretary Trade, Culture & Tourism, Ghana.

The award celebrates his decades-long commitment to revolutionizing farming practices and promoting ecological balance.

Dr Tripathi, a multi-faceted individual with degrees in B.Sc., LLB., and M.A. in five different subjects, stands as one of India's most educated farmers.

As the Founder of "Maa Danteshwari Herbal Farms and Research Center," he has played a pivotal role in making it one of India's largest producers of herbs and spices through organic means (www.mdhherbals.com).

His visionary leadership made him the Chairman of CHAMF (Central Herbal Agro Marketing Federation of India), a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of herbal farming practices. The annual turnover of herbal, spice, and all other organic farming activities under his guidance reaches an impressive Rs 75 lakh to 80 lakh crores annually.

Dr Tripathi's influence is not confined to numbers; his groundbreaking work in 'High Yield Multi-Layer Cropping Pattern' has educated lakhs of farmers nationwide about the benefits of organic farming.

Over the past three decades, he has personally planted and nurtured more than 30 lakh plants in Bastar, Chhattisgarh, with the numbers continuing to grow each year.

In a remarkable effort towards biodiversity conservation, Dr Tripathi established an "Ethno Medico Garden" housing over three hundred rare and extinct medicinal plants. This initiative, the first of its kind in the country, underscores his commitment to preserving natural habitats and traditional medicinal knowledge.

To further his quest for knowledge and innovation, Dr Tripathi has travelled extensively to 32 countries, exploring cutting-edge agro technologies and the global market for organic products. His representation of India in numerous international seminars and conferences in the field of organic and herbal farming has earned him acclaim on the global stage.

Dr Tripathi's journey to a global advocate for organic farming stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and innovation in agriculture. His story is an inspiration to farmers across the nation and a beacon of hope for the future of sustainable farming practices worldwide.

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