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Neelkanth Kufri (Blue Potatoes): The One-of-a-kind Potato Grown in Madhya Pradesh

Mishrilal Rajput, a Bhopal farmer, grew the blue potato and christened it 'Neelkanth Kufri.'

Binita Kumari
Neelkanth Kurfi (Blue Potatoes)
Neelkanth Kurfi (Blue Potatoes)

In the fields of Khajurikalan, a farmer in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh has cultivated a unique kind of potatoes called 'Neelkanth Kufri' (blue potatoes).

Mishrilal Rajput, a Bhopal farmer, grew the blue potato and christened it 'Neelkanth Kufri.'

This 'Neelkanth' is said to be extremely beneficial to both farmers and consumers.

What’s special about the blue potato:

"If compared to the white potato (regular potato), this blue one is rich in antioxidants, with 100 mg discovered in 100 grams of potato, which is nearly 7 times greater than the antioxidant richness of a normal potato," Farmer Mishrilal Rajput of Awadhpuri, Khajurikalan told ANI on Monday.

He further stated that anyone who believes potato eating is bad can consume it without fear.

"It's also a terrific deal for cooks because it takes a fraction of the time to cook and boil than a regular potato, conserving energy while also offering a superb taste," he added.

Rajput further explained how the farmers benefit from the cultivation of this Blue Potato.

"Where a normal potato can be produced for 300 quintals at a given cost, the NeelKanth Kufri can be produced for up to 400 quintals at the same cost," he said.

"In addition, the yield protects itself from numerous crop illnesses induced by excessive rain, saving the farmer from any potential crop yield loss," he added.

He also mentioned that, in the past, crop research was done to see how production could be boosted, but now it is being done to see how it may benefit human health.

Neelkanth Kufri (blue potato), Red Ladyfinger, and Black Wheat were previously yielded and proved to be advantageous to farmers in the area.

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