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Nithyananda's Fictitious Country Costs Paraguay Agri-Official Arnaldo Chamorro's Job For Signing an MoU

Arnaldo Chamorro was relieved of his position as chief of staff for Paraguay's Agriculture Ministry on Wednesday, following the disclosure of his signing of a "proclamation" alongside representatives from the United States of Kailasa.

Shivangi Rai
The revelation triggered widespread social media mockery and led to Chamorro's swift replacement. (Photo: Canva/Twitter@@AssLatam)
The revelation triggered widespread social media mockery and led to Chamorro's swift replacement. (Photo: Canva/Twitter@@AssLatam)

Government official Arnaldo Chamorro was ousted from his position as chief of staff for the Agriculture Ministry in a recent scandal in Paraguay after it came to light that he had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with representatives of a fictitious country called the United States of Kailasa, led by the controversial Indian guru Nithyananda.

The revelation triggered widespread social media mockery and led to Chamorro's swift replacement.

The controversy deepened as it emerged that the self-proclaimed representatives of the United States of Kailasa had previously deceived international leaders on multiple occasions.

Earlier in the year, they managed to participate in a United Nations committee meeting in Geneva and even signed agreements with local officials in the United States and Canada.

The problematic "proclamation" signed by Chamorro on October 16 expressed a desire for the Paraguayan government to consider establishing diplomatic relations with the fictional United States of Kailasa. It also called for support in admitting Kailasa as a sovereign and independent state in various international organizations, including the United Nations. The agreement, posted on social media, drew attention and criticism.

Chamorro admitted in a radio interview that he didn't know the location of Kailasa and characterized the agreement as a "memorandum of understanding." He justified his action by stating that the representatives of Kailasa had offered assistance to Paraguay on various issues, including irrigation.

Photos shared on Kailasa's social media accounts depicted representatives of the fictional country signing agreements with local leaders in María Antonia and Karpai municipalities. Kailasa's online presence celebrated each of these signings.

The United States of Kailasa claims to be the revival of an ancient enlightened Hindu civilization, led by the self-styled guru Nithyananda, who is currently wanted in India on charges including sexual assault. Notably, Nithyananda's whereabouts remain unknown.

It was revealed that representatives of Kailasa had participated in two U.N. committee meetings in Geneva in February, as reported by the media.

Additionally, Newark City Hall in New Jersey acknowledged being scammed in March when it unwittingly signed a sister city agreement with Kailasa.

This series of events raises concerns about the ease with which fictitious entities and individuals can manipulate international processes and deceive government officials. The incident not only led to the replacement of a high-ranking Paraguayan official but also highlighted the need for greater scrutiny and awareness to prevent such deceptive activities on the global stage.


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