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Now Indian Railway Passengers Can Get Unreserved Tickets Through Automatic Ticket Vending Machines

Indian Railways' Automated Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) would be significantly more effective in reducing the waiting time of everyday commuters and short-distance travelers.

Binita Kumari

The new machine has a user-friendly interface and a simple procedure, which will help relieve congestion at unreserved ticket booths at train stations.

Southern Railways to Install 254 New ATVMs:

Southern Railway recently agreed to install 254 more ATVMs at various train stations. The 254 ATVMs will be distributed across six divisions:

Chennai Division – 96 ATVMs
Tiruchchirapalli Division – 12 ATVMs
Madurai Division – 46 ATVMs
Thiruvananthapuram Division – 50 ATVMs
Palakkad Division – 38 ATVMs
Salem Division – 12 ATVMs

This is in addition to the 99 ATVMs that are presently operational at various zonal railway stations. At the moment, the Chennai Division has 34 ATVMs, the Madurai Division has 16, and the Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, Salem, and Tiruchchirappalli divisions each have 15, 14, 13, and 7 ATVMs.

In railway stations, ATVMs are touchscreen-based ticketing kiosks. This gadget will help passengers to avoid waiting in long lines to purchase their train tickets. The ATVM program, which is accessible in three languages: Hindi, English, and regional, assists in understanding and is simple to use for everyone, including first-time users. These Automated Ticket Vending Machines also allow for cashless purchases or payment via UPI.

What are the Features of These ATVMs?

  • ATVMs can be used to purchase both unreserved and platform tickets.

  • With ATVMs, everyday riders can renew their monthly and quarterly season tickets.

  • Commuters who pay using R-wallet will receive a 3% bonus when purchasing tickets.

  • Smart cards and QR code-UPI-based payment facilities can also be used to purchase tickets.

  • Tickets will be printed on thermal paper.

How to Buy an Unreserved Ticket Using ATVMs?

  • Passengers must choose the destination station using the Map or by clicking on All Other Stations.

  • Choose a rail route for the non-suburban station.

  • A new screen will show on the ATVMs, with the option to Modify Travel Information or Pay (No. of Adults/Children and Train Type).

  • Choose Payment Options after entering your information.

  • Commuters can buy tickets with a Railway Smart Card or a UPI QR code.

  • For smart card payments, insert the Smart Card into the card reader; for UPI payments, scan the QR code within 110 seconds.

  • The ticket may be obtained when payment has been completed.

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