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PM Modi makes Big Disclosures and Clears Confusion on MSP, APMC and Contract Farming

Prime Minister said that, “Farm Laws implemented at present are really beneficial for the farmers.” And Prime Minister cleared all the misconceptions about the new laws. PM Modi mentioned these farm laws are demanded and needed since years, were written on the papers but never implemented. Here is the explanation given by PM Modi in detail.

Sangeeta Soni
PM Modi Addressed Madhya Pradesh Farmers
PM Modi Addressed Madhya Pradesh Farmers

PM Modi addressed Madhya Pradesh farmers today through a virtual conference. PM Modi mentioned these farm laws were demanded and needed since years and were written on the papers but never implemented. Government parties who are presently provoking farmers are those who never implemented these laws, even after knowing that these laws will benefit the farmers in a long run.  

Prime Minister said that, Farm Laws implemented at present are really beneficial for the farmers.”  Prime Minister cleared all the misconceptions about the new laws. Here is the explanation given by PM Modi in detail. 

Biggest Disclosure: Swaminathan Committee Report 

The parties who are provoking farmers are the ones who have suppressed Swaminathan report for the 8 years, only because they didn’t want to use the money for farmers.  

And Modi Government extracted Swaminathan report from the tonnes of those suppressed papers, and now the 1.5 times MSP is being provided to the farmers.  

Prime Minister added, MP and Rajasthan farmers were cheated by the other political parties, for whom politics were just a treachery. They talked about Loan pardon during every election, but never freed the farmers from loans, instead given the banks notices and police warrant.  

All this is mentioned in the 8-10 years’ prior reports. And, Poor farmers remained poor only. But, we want to support each and every farmer. Those reports also reveal that; farmers were being given Rs. 50,000 Crore in the complete period of 10 years. And at present, Under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna, farmers are being given Rs. 75,000 Crore per year. And this is really a big difference.  

Biggest Confusion about MSP 

Prime Minister said, “Our government is not removing MSP. It is not written anywhere in the bill that MSP will be removed, eliminated or closed. Crops will be purchased in the same mandis as before, and at MSP only.”  

In fact, Prime Minister also mentioned some figures to remove the misconception about MSP. 

Crop name 

MSP by Old Government 

( Price in Rupees per Quintal) 

MSP by Modi Government 

(Price in Rupees per Quintal) 


1400 Rs. 

1900 Rs. 


1310 Rs. 

1870 Rs. 


1520 Rs.  

2640 Rs. 

Masur Dal 

1950 Rs. 

5100 Rs. 

Chane (Gram) 

3100 Rs. 

5100 Rs. 

Tuar Dal 

4300 Rs. 

4500 Rs. 

Moong Dal 

4500 Rs. 

7200 Rs. 

Prime Minister said, “All these figures are the proof that our government is increasing MSP with the time. And is also trying to purchase more and more by the farmer so that farmer will get the maximum benefit.” 

Prime Minister also mentioned about Pulses crisis of 2014, when pulses were ordered from foreign countries and sold at higher rates to the general public, rates were constantly increasing, MSP were less, and overall general public and farmers both were in loss.  

Previous Government purchased 1.5 Lakh Metric Tonnes pulses from farmers at MSP. And 600 Crore Rupees were given to the farmers for that.  

But, when Modi government came into action, they purchased 112 Lakh Metric Tonnes Pulses at increased MSP by the farmers. And given more than 50,000 Crore Rupees to the farmers for that.  

APMC: Lie related to Mandis 

Prime Minister demolished all the lies which were told by other political parties to inflame the farmers.   

Prime Minister said, “Since 50 years, Farmers need to sell their crop in one mandi only, but in the new law, we have mentioned that farmer can sell their crop wherever they want to, may it be mandi or any other place.  

Prime Minister also given some recent benefit examples of this. And he also mentioned that, ever after 6 months of the implementation of law, none of the mandi is closed. It clearly proves, farmers can go there and sell their crop, and if they want to sell it to any other place, they can do so also.  

Lies about Contract Farming 

Since the years, Contract farming is in implementation in many states of India. Prime Minister also gave the example of of 8th March 2019, when Punjab Congress government celebrated, as the agreement was signed by one farmers’ organization with foreign agency to export the crops there. And, that was really the good, and beneficial for the farmers. 

Prime Minister added, according to the new law, during the contract, proper legal provision will be implemented, and is intended to protect farmers, and sponsor will be punished if he/she will cheat the farmer. Farmer can file a complaint against him/her to the SDM.  

And he also cleared the most important misconception that, Agreement is for the crop & Yield, not for the land.  

  • And even in the condition of natural hazard, farmer will receive the money. 

  • And if profit increases suddenly, farmers will also be given the part of it by the contractor. 

  • And, it is completely up to the farmer, whether he/she wants to go for contract farming or not. 

  • Sponsor can-not end the agreement in between, but if farmer wants to, he/she can. 

Condition of Urea 8-9 Years before

Prime Minister mentioned that, before 8-9 years, condition of urea was that farmers need to stand in lanes to purchase urea for many hours, and that too with facing Lathhi charge, Kala Bajari (Black Marketing) and what not. Farmers’ yield used to damage those times just because of that.  

He also added that, other political parties never tried to solve this problem. But our government worked for this problem and taken many measures so that urea reaches to the farmers. And we are also working to start back the old plants in Gorakhpur in UP, Ramagundam in Telangana, and many other cities in Bihar and Jharkhand, which will work through new technologies.  

Many Irrigation projects were left incomplete for many years but, we are working to convert this Irrigation projects into missions with the investment of Thousands of Crores rupees. 

Annadata Kisan 

PM Modi called farmers of the country Annadata and mentioned that, along with farming, we are also giving importance to Bee-farming, Livestock-Farming, Fish-farming. Presently, we are producing 10,00,000 Metric Tonnes of honey, i.e. far more than before. And, PM also stressed about fish farming as it has broken all the records of profits with less investments through Pradhan Mantri Matsya Yojana.  

Our government has taken many steps for the farmers which are really benefitting farmers and will benefit more in the long run. Solar pumps will be provided at lower costs to the farmers. 

In the end, Prime Minister thanked the farmers across the country to accept the new laws. And he also mentioned that, on 25th December, Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji Jayanti, Prime Minister will address the farmers of the country. And, an instalment of Pradhan Mantri Kisan Nidhi Yojana will be transferred in the bank accounts of farmers.  

And at last, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, “Madhya Pradesh’s farmers are with Prime Minister and Central government’s decision. 

Everyone thanked PM Modi and shouted slogans of;

Bharat Mata ki Jay 
Modiji Aage Badho, Kisan Kanun Laagu Karo, Hum Aapke Sath hai 
Narmade Maiya ki Jay, Bharat Mata ki Jay 

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