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Prices of Cheese and Sweets Likely To Increase Due To Surging Prices of Milk

Sweets and other milk-based products prices are likely to soar as an outcome of constantly increasing milk prices.

Kritika Madhukar
Bulk customers would have to pay an extra Rs.7 for a liter of milk starting May 1
Bulk customers would have to pay an extra Rs.7 for a liter of milk starting May 1

Members of the Punjab Halwai Association noted that sweets input prices have already risen owing to soaring prices of refined ghee, dry fruits, and other ingredients and that the increase in milk prices will only increase due to the crisis in the sector.

According to the announcement, bulk customers would have to pay an extra Rs.7 for a liter of milk starting May 1. Dairy owners raised the price of milk by Rs.2 in March, according to association president Narinderpal Singh Pappu. "We will have increased the price of milk products and sweets accordingly as a result of the recent rate modification for bulk buyers (of milk)." He stated, "We will not enhance our profit margins, but we will have to recover our input expenses."

The transportation cost has significantly increased to soaring fuel prices, according to Parveen Kharbanda, the proprietor of Lyallpur sweets in Model Town.

"As a result, the cost of raw materials is rising, adding to the strain on sweet shop owners, who have already incurred significant losses as a result of the pandemic." Cheese is currently available for Rs. 360 per kilogram, but after dairy owners update the milk rate, the price will rise to roughly Rs. 400 per kilogram."

Animal Feed Prices Have Also Increased

According to Paramjit Singh Bobby, president of the Haibowal dairy owners' group, milk rates for sweet shop owners are raised every year. We are forced to raise the price of milk since the dairy farming sector is losing money due to soaring feed prices.

In comparison to the previous year, the prices of wheat straw, which is the principal feed for cattle, have risen from Rs. 300 per quintal to 650 per quintal, according to Association spokeswoman Harcharan Singh. Similarly, the price of grain, for example, has risen. Farmers' input costs have increased by 30% on average.

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