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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Addresses International Day of Yoga, 2023

PM Narendra Modi addresses the 9th International Day of Yoga today through video conference.

Vivek Singh
PM Modi addressing nation on International Day of Yoga (Photo Courtesy: @narendramodi/Twitter)
PM Modi addressing nation on International Day of Yoga (Photo Courtesy: @narendramodi/Twitter)

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, conveyed his best wishes to the citizens on the International Day of Yoga during the National celebration of the 9th International Day of Yoga in 2023. Due to his commitments in the United States of America, the Prime Minister addressed the gathering through a video message, unlike previous occasions when he was physically present.

The Prime Minister shared that he would be attending the Yoga program at the United Nations Headquarters later in the day, expressing his delight at the historic and unprecedented participation of over 180 countries in response to India's call. He recalled the significant support received in 2014 when the proposal for Yoga Day was presented in the UN General Assembly, leading to the establishment of the International Day of Yoga as a global movement.

Drawing attention to the concept of the 'Ocean Ring of Yoga,' the Prime Minister highlighted the deep connection between yoga and the vastness of the ocean. He mentioned the initiatives such as 'Yog Bharatmala' and 'Yoga Sagarmala' undertaken by the Indian Army utilizing water sources. Furthermore, he emphasized the presence of India's research bases in both the Arctic and Antarctica, representing the two ends of the Earth, which are also connected through the practice of yoga.

The Prime Minister praised the tremendous participation of millions of people from India and around the world in this unique celebration, showcasing the widespread reach and popularity of yoga. The Prime Minister highlighted that Yoga serves as a unifying force, quoting the wisdom of the sages. He emphasized that the promotion of Yoga is an extension of the belief that the entire world is one global family. Drawing attention to the theme of 'One Earth, One Family, One Future' for the G20 Summit, which India is chairing this year, the Prime Minister emphasized that the promotion of Yoga aligns with the spirit of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' (the world is one family). He mentioned that millions of people worldwide are practising Yoga together under the theme of 'Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'.

Referring to Yoga scriptures, the Prime Minister emphasized the physical and mental benefits of Yoga, highlighting that regular practitioners have experienced its energy and vitality over the years. Stressing the significance of good health at both the individual and family levels, he emphasized that Yoga contributes to the creation of a healthy and empowered society, harnessing collective energy.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the positive impact of initiatives like Swachh Bharat (Clean India) and Startup India, which have contributed to building a self-reliant nation and preserving the country's cultural identity. He noted that there has been a shift in mindset among the people, leading to positive changes in their lives.

The Prime Minister emphasized that India's culture, social structure, spirituality, and philosophy have always embraced inclusive traditions and welcomed new ideas while cherishing the nation's rich diversity. He emphasized that Yoga strengthens these sentiments, expands inner vision, and connects individuals with a consciousness that promotes unity and love for all living beings. The Prime Minister called for the elimination of contradictions, barriers, and resistance through Yoga, aiming to present the spirit of 'Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat' (One India, Great India) as an example to the world.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister quoted a Shloka (verse) on Yoga, emphasizing the importance of skill in action. He highlighted that this mantra is particularly relevant during the Azadi Ka Amrit Kaal (the era of India's 75th Independence Anniversary) and that the perfection of Yoga is achieved when one is devoted to their duties. Expressing confidence that Yoga will improve both physical health and imbibe these principles, the Prime Minister envisioned a developed India based on physical strength and mental expansion.

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