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Punjab Agri Dept Advices Farmers to Prepare their Own Wheat Seed

The Agriculture Department of Punjab has advised farmers to prepare their own wheat seeds for the upcoming crop season instead of purchasing them from seed producing agencies, as they foresee a rise in the price of wheat seeds due to crop damage caused by harsh weather.

Shivam Dwivedi
Punjab Agri Dept Advices Farmers to Prepare their Own Wheat Seed
Punjab Agri Dept Advices Farmers to Prepare their Own Wheat Seed

Initially, agricultural scientists were apprehensive that adverse weather conditions would harm the wheat harvest to such an extent that the grains would be unsuitable for use as seeds. 

However, upon harvesting the crops, they found that wheat plants that had withstood the unpredictable weather conditions retained their quality and shine. This discovery offered a glimmer of hope for the production of seeds for the following crop season.

According to a farmer from Rode village in Moga district, there is no variation in the cultivation process between producing seeds and growing crops. Most farmers reserve a portion of their high-quality grains to produce seeds for the next season.

According to Dr. Manjit Singh, the Chief Agriculture Development Officer, and Dr. Jaswinder Singh Brar, the Plant Protection Officer, they are currently traveling from village to village to teach farmers how to select high-quality grains from their harvest for use as seeds.

Additionally, they are providing instruction on improved post-harvest techniques and proper scientific seed preservation. Dr. Brar recommended that farmers thoroughly clean their grains and dry them in the sun to prevent fungus growth and ensure that the moisture level remains below 12% to prevent germination.


Farmers should also remove any cracked or damaged seeds before storing them. They should insecticide-treat the seeds and store them in airtight containers or new gunny bags. He advised keeping the seeds in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunlight and humidity.

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