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Punjab's Flood Losses Reach Rs 1,000 Crore: CM Mann

Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann highlighted the severity of the recent floods in Punjab and assured the public that the government would take all necessary measures to provide relief.

Shivam Dwivedi
Punjab's Flood Losses Reach Rs 1,000 Crore: CM Mann (Photo Source: Bhagwant Mann twitter)
Punjab's Flood Losses Reach Rs 1,000 Crore: CM Mann (Photo Source: Bhagwant Mann twitter)

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann revealed on Sunday the devastating impact of recent floods on the state, estimating losses to be nearly Rs 1,000 crore. The heavy rains that hit several districts in Punjab and Haryana have put a standstill on normal life, causing extensive flooding in agricultural and residential areas.

In response to the calamity, Chief Minister Mann announced that a detailed report on the losses would be submitted to the Union government, seeking a relief package to aid the affected communities. He assured the public that an on-ground assessment of the damages would be conducted, and compensation would be provided to those affected.

One positive aspect is that the water level at the Bhakra dam remains below the danger mark, providing some relief to the situation. Chief Minister Mann commended the state government for maintaining a strict vigil on the situation and urged the authorities to keep the public informed about water levels to prevent confusion and panic.

Mann expressed gratitude that the meteorological department did not forecast any rainfall in the coming days, indicating that the water level was expected to recede further. He warned the public not to be swayed by unverified rumors about floods or dam floodgate operations and stressed the importance of relying on official information.

Discussing the government's efforts in flood management, Chief Minister Mann highlighted that the state had done remarkable work, including the cleaning of canals. He acknowledged that in the past, the irrigation and drainage department had been exploited for corrupt purposes by certain leaders, leading to a misuse of funds. The state vigilance unit was already investigating a significant scam related to this department.

Mann assured the public that the channelization of canals and construction of a new canal for judicious water use were part of the government's plans. The priority would be to ensure the cleaning of canals and the natural flow of water.

Having extensively toured the flood-affected areas, Mann instructed deputy commissioners to conduct special surveys immediately to assess losses incurred in crops, houses, and livestock. He noted that the paddy crop in many fields had been destroyed due to the heavy flow of water.

Looking ahead, the Chief Minister expressed his vision for developing areas around Nangal and the 'kandi' (sub-mountainous) region as prime tourist destinations to attract visitors from around the world. He emphasized that the state government would put in every effort to realize this potential.

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